Bower House in Canada Features a Bedroom on a Tower

Look at this distinct home design which is a result of design challenges that turned out really stunning.

The challenge for the designer of the Bower House was to plan another home with a perspective of Lake Erie for the customer who did not have any desire to pay for a lakeside property. Henceforth, the site he gained was a long and tight part over the street from different homes and 2,000 feet far from the shore of the lake. In spite of the customer’s determination of getting a less alluring parcel, the home was designed to serve as a draw for a mate like the Bowerbirds. It is complete with two rooms for two yet non-existent/future hatchlings. In that capacity, this love nest meant to be both charming and wow a partner while additionally exhibiting legitimate family planning. The rest of the design challenge included the breaking points set by city zoning standing rules that confined the home’s stature to “two stories.”

The challenges of the design were resolved by planning an extended first story that obliged the majority of general public spaces and in addition the two youngsters’ rooms and an indoor pool and carport. In the interim, a second story main room tower is roosted forty feet above in the treetops, well above encompassing housetops. This design gave the much-needed privacy while tackling the perspective of the lake past. Consequently, while the neighborhood zoning ordinance confined new homes to a stature cutoff of two stories, the code did not really express that a second floor must be contiguous to a lower floor. The metropolitan ordinances in that locale have since been re-composed. Let us take a look at the images of the Bower House below. But keep in mind that all of the photographs below don’t show any furniture because it was finished just two weeks before the client’s wedding.

Location: Canada

Designer: Kariouk Associates

Style: Contemporary

Number of Levels: Two-storey

Unique feature: Although the designer meets different challenges for the home, it was able to come up with a solution as seen in the images of the house.

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The homeowners challenged the designers to outline another home with a perspective of Lake Erie in Canada and they were able to come up with a unique house design that did not break the zoning bylaws.

Kariouk Associates

Situated on a long narrow site on the Niagara Peninsula in Ontario, Kariouk Associates outlined an extended ground floor that contains the parlor, kitchen, two kids’ rooms, an indoor pool, and carport, with the second floor home to a master bedroom inside a tower.

Bower House

The home has been named the Bower House, after Bowerbirds, that are eminent for their interesting romantic conduct, where the male winged animals construct an intricate structure trying to pull in a mate. This house was required to serve as a draw for a mate that is similar to a love nest perched on a treetop. What you see here is the garage of the home as well as the tower on top which contains the bedroom.

Bower House inside

You can see here the interior of the home that used white walls and ceiling which makes it look really bright. The kitchen area used dark gray for its countertop and cabinets adding white pendant lights with a modern design.

Bower House interior

Inside, the palette is splendid and breezy with touches of dark cabinetry and stairs to differentiate the white dividers.

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Bower House pool

The house also features an indoor swimming pool that opens to the garden outside the home. One can get a good view of the garden from here which is nice. Imagine swimming here while seeing nature’s beauty outside.

Bower House tower

In the master bedroom tower, one can see sliding doors that open to a covered balcony. From here, views of the lake and the green roof below it can be enjoyed.

Bower House bedroom

For sure, this bedroom space will look more beautiful once the furniture is already here. It is nice that it used white colors everywhere to make it look neat and more spacious. I also like the idea that the master bedroom in located here and that it still accommodated a balcony.

You will surely agree with me that this house design by Kariouk Associates is indeed unique. It is amazing that the designers were able to come up with this kind of solution to the challenge that they were facing. Well, it sure wasn’t easy but good thing they were able to think of adding a tower like design on top of the house in order to satisfy the homeowners. Hence, apart from the design brief that they followed, a distinct house was born that did not break the building ordinance in the area. Amazing, right? What can you say about this design of the Bower House?