The Contemporary Flipped House in South Wales, Sydney Australia

Usually when we are asked to list down the factors that we will consider in designing our future house we can never deny the fact that the location is in the top most part of our list. Yes, we are very much sensitive when it comes to the location or site where we can build our dream house. The type of location will matter the most that we’ll surely jive with the style and concept of the house. So, now we will present to you another contemporary house that is confident with its beautiful landscape and garden. This is set in New South Wales, Sydney Australia. This is one of the most remarkable designs made by the MCK Architects. It is called the Flipped House.

Why it is called Flipped House? Well it is derived from a literal term flipped because this residence is flipped with the garden elements to form a more extensive connection from the interior to the exterior. While in retrospect, its original structure was built in the year 1960. The client decided to remodel it into a more contemporary style but he still wanted to maintain some of its traditional features. And according to the designer, they adapted the original design of this residence and just put some contemporary elements to have a modern look. In fact, most of the fittings and fixtures in the interior and exterior are from the old house. Well, this highlighted the stunning garden as it is capable of displaying a good view.

Moreover, we can say that as a whole the design was still inspired by the old design, although now it has already an amazing mixture of the old and modern design. Definitely it has a futuristic character but it was able to keep its traditional values. The arrayed banana trees planted in the garden are very helpful in maintaining the natural beauty of the exterior. You may also be astonished with the clean and clear water in the swimming pool. Now aren’t you excited to see more of the details in the interior and exterior of this Flipped house? Why don’t you scroll down and we are at certain that you will be amazed with these images of the astounding Flipped House below.

Flipped House design

Let’s take a look at the architure of the house which sure looks attractive with its use of sleek lines and wooden elements.

Contemporary Flipped House design

The amazing shapes, volumes and lines are well presented in this wooden facade.

outdoor hallway

In the left side is the open shower placed in the courtyard and in the right side is the unique hallway towards the interior of the house.

Australia home design

The sun’s rays can freely access the kitchen of the house because of the sliding glass walls used here.


The incredible lines and wooden pallet of the walls and ceilings in this kitchen area are visibly noticed.

Dining Area

You may notice the traditional and luxurious dining table set placed in this simple but elegant dining area.

wood interior element

The white colour, wooden walls and the stone in this space adds the natural beauty of the interior.

wooden wall

The pleasing design of the interior is obviously gives a strong connection with the exterior.


Here is the wooden stair that connects the two levels of the house as it persuades to see both the first level and second level of the house.

glass wall

The bedrooms are located in the upper level of the house and it has glassed walls that will give the client an opportunity to see the green trees outside.

Entertainment area

The billiard table is also installed in this area for leisure and relaxation time of the client.


The white and black colours applied in this contemporary bathroom perfectly matched the concept of the design.

Pool design

The dazing shape and cool water in this swimming pool highlighted in this area.

Flipped House design

Even at night, the vibrant lights placed in this exterior provide a more luxurious effect.

As you can see this is obviously enclosed with the beauty of the nature. This is composed of series of interconnected terraces that open the indoors to the views through floor-to-ceilings. Also it has a sliding glass walls that serves as a great access for the owner to see the panoramic views outside. It has two levels which are connected with the wooden staircase. And when you go inside, you will be amazed of the unusual hallway design. The carvings in the door are also eye-catching. While in the outdoor it emphasized the enchanting swimming pool and the open shower.

Thus, we can say that the architecture of this flipped house successfully shows the possible look when you combine the traditional and contemporary elements design. For sure, the MCK Architects was able to meet the demands of the clients. The nature’s beauty is the most important elements in this design. Now, what can you say?