Colored Glass Block Windows Featured in the 2H House of Vietnam

Our home’s windows doesn’t merely let light in or add ventilation or allow a good view of the outdoor area. These are also part of the home’s architecture and has an impact to the visual appeal of your house for the exterior. That is why, window designs also matter. What we will feature today is a house which used colored glass block windows adding some interesting appeal to it.

This house is named as the 2H House which is situated in Thanh My Loi, a new urban area in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. According to the designer, this house is composed of many functions which require to be flexibly designed. They said that they were effectively discussed and tried different solutions just to achieve their goals. Their main goal is to create a living space that turns to not only connecting members of the family but also to nature. Let us scroll down the page and see the different images of the house below.

2H House Let us see how the designer creatively illustrated the unique forms of the house building.

Vietnam Take a look at the brown walls in the entrance area that harmonized with the white concrete materials of the house building.

Colored Glass Block Windows Smooth and rough texture of the walls is highly emphasized here.

best wooden furnitures See how the concrete and wooden materials perfectly jive with the colors and shapes of the furniture.

staircase A living space near the staircase also underlines its comfortable and relaxing space in the house.

entertainment area A sliding glass is secured in this area to maintain privacy and comfortable space here.

modern chandelier Modern chandelier complements with the modern equipment and furniture here.

wooden window panel Wall arts are also displayed in every corner of the interior to enhance the plain color of the walls.

green dining set See how these green upholstered chairs provide a very warm and natural color.

colored glass windows Colored glass windows made this area livelier and lovelier.

bedroom wood White bed complements with this wooden themed bedroom which emphasized its comfort and charm.

staircase Exceptional and stylish staircase harmonized with this private space here that provides enough space to the client.

stained windows Colorful glassed windows add color and life to the interior.

circle pattern ceiling Extraordinary circled patterns in the ceiling harmonized with the shapes in the floor.

2H House The stunning light installed in the interior set the romantic mood in the house.

As we have seen the different areas of the house above, we can see its different functions. Well, this space is carefully considered to create the inside yard that separates the function areas by natural factors. One of my favorite features of this house is its effect at night; it’s like a lantern with yellow light that creates a warm atmosphere to the entire neighborhood. We are sure that you also find the design of Truong An Architecture impressive!