Fabulous and Costly Features Highlighted in Monte Vista Spotted in California

Clients usually look at the beautiful yard and it’s amazing landscape as one of the best feature in providing their children the best spot to enjoy during weekend. This is true because parents may believe that this is best for their children’s protection and comfort as well. Today we will show you how the designer completed this residential house named as Monte Vista.

What special features that we can admire on this house is its beautiful landscape and swimming pool. The designer said that the clients hired them to create a design for a casita or an expansion on the existing footprint of the house and maintain the beautiful yard as well as the green lawn in the exterior. The designer also provides suggestions to consider some options in the making of the house. Let us take a look at how the designers amazingly draw the difference on the house through the images below.

Monte Vista Lush green grass in the entrance area is effective in distinguishing the smooth and rough textures here.

California Fabulous umbrella and seats complements with the huge rectangle swimming pool in the yard.

swimming pool area Looking at this yard, you can see how the patterns and shapes are highly emphasized from the house building to the furniture here.

swimming pool Blue tiled floor of this swimming pool blended well with the color of the seats and green plants surrounded this area.

spa area Special space for spa is intently designed to provide real comfort and relaxing space in the house.

exterior shower area A special shower is also built in the exterior intended for the master bedrooms’ access to the huge swimming pool outside.

luxurious shower design See how these expensive and exquisite fixtures utilized here that shows a very luxurious effect in the house.

luxury furnitures Costly and stylish furniture is well arranged in this comfortable looking living space.

blue minimal bedroom These white and blue bed sheets perfectly jives with the trendy seat and wall art above.

clean bathroom sink Blue mosaic tiles in the wall in the bathtub create a balance between the plain white palettes in this bathroom.

shower area The beige color of the bathroom perfectly matches with the glass materials and huge mirrors in the sink.

night pool lightings At night, the pool lights installed here can stunningly show its amazing details.

night spa lighting The fountain installed here can also enhance the look of this spa area even at night.

swimming pool lighting The simple forms of the house building may complement with the design and style of this pool.

exterior design The serenity and tranquility in this area stands out in the middle of the night.

Monte Vista Great ambiance and comfort is still accessible in the entrance and garage area in this house.

We can see how the H3K Design fabulously prove their proposals to the client that we could give them more useable space without adding square footage to their house. I like the details of the house such as the swimming pool, the outdoor spa which was designed for the use of master bedroom occupants. The outdoor shower is also amazing that may certainly shows the best features of the house that can offer to its family members. We hope that you find new ideas and inspirations that you may apply in your existing house.