The Outstanding Coolum Bays Beach House in Queensland, Australia

Typically when we plan to recreate our house design we come to think of possible elements that will positively highlight the best qualities of our dream house. So today we will be giving you another inspiration that will be your guide in remodelling your house. Here’s the house designed by the Aboda Design Group which is set in Queensland, Australia. This is named as the Coolum Bays Beach House. It has been described by the designer that has a clean yet dramatic line. The high quality materials used in the interior is very impressive.

Also one of the notable elements in this house is its sustainability that is seen through the use of the LED lighting and the passive cooling. It has a modern design that most of the time provides the real comfort and peaceful feeling to the homeowners. This is very exposed to the coastal weather which means it is prone to destruction specifically in the south east. Moreover the designer also utilized fibre cement cladding, polymer rendered blockwork, sealed off-form concrete, aluminium and polycarbonate feature awning. Besides they used steel roofing, aluminium windows, feature tiled walls; cedar battens screens, with hardwood decking, hardwood flooring and porcelain tiles internally.

The designer also chose to use unfinished concrete, stone and wire gabions, texture tile wall cladding and rough sawn timbers. There is also a raw nature of the site and for their strong contrast to the refined finish of the crisp white render, aluminium and glass. They also said that these design can even control the sun through some devices such as large overhangs, operable blades, cedar batten screens that controls the solar heat gain. But at the same time it can maintain proper ventilation on the area. Now let’s take a short tour on the different parts of the interior and exterior of this Coolum Bay Beach House. Why don’t we take a look at the different images below.

Coolum Bays home design

Here is the entrance of the house where one can see the beautiful oceanic view.

Front design

The different volumes, dimensions and lines are seen in this angle as we are about to enter the house.

Beach House  design

By just looking at the accessibility of the solar elements and green trees and plants here you will really feel relax.

Queensland home design

You may see that the designer allocated this simple and clean landscape for the children to play.

stone wall fence

The volumes of the edifice is seen here as the designer enters the interior of the house.

entry walk way

The sun is always welcome to enter the house to provide the free lighting every morning.

Living Room

A minimal living room creates a more relaxing scene paired with the beauty on its surroundings.

Interior design

Fresh air and the scenic view of the bay is enough to make the client enjoy staying here to relax.

Pool area

When you are at the second level of the house you will surely witness the blue sea as well as the clean swimming pool here.

swimming Pool design

When the sun is already set the lighting materials add more sophistication in the interior as well as in the swimming pool.

Fresno House Aisle

The lighting concept used in the interior brings the luxurious and peaceful feeling for the client.

Dining Room

Take a look at the simple furniture set in the dining area and the stairs bridge the different areas of the house.


Here’s the simple and neat kitchen in the house that shows how safe food preparation is.


The beige and white color combination in the bathroom also shows the neatness and modernity of the design.

house evening lights

At night time the enchanting effect of the lights installed in the exterior as well as the interior stands out.

Coolum Bays

Even at night the house cannot deny the astonishing design of the exterior.

If you take a look at the structure of the house you will see the displayed materials here like the concrete, stone and wire gabions. You may also see the incredible texture tiled walls here together with the rough sawn timbers that show the idea of nature in the site. The designer also preserve the rainwater from the rooftops and it is being kept in the 22kilogram rainwater tank which is built in the rainwater tank located below the pool. It is used all over the house. Also the photovoltaic array and heat water pump are installed here.

Consequently, these contemporary three storey residence was successfully designed by the Aboda Design for a lovely couple that has 3 children. It offers the most spectacular white water views. Definitely the client is very satisfied with the characteristics of the house. For sure not just the characteristics but also its design intended for the existing climate of the location together with the exterior aesthetics. We can also never deny the fact that its interior design and detailed innovative construction as well as its sustainability stands out among the other qualities of the house. Now what can you say? Are you gonna start planning the design of your future house?