Extraordinary Views of the Lake and Sustainability in Villa Snagov in Romania

We must admit that the influence of tall trees and nature as a whole set a very impressive look in the exterior of our house. We may say that the well-groomed landscape and the well-arranged tall trees in that may surround our house may certainly provide the contentment and relaxing feeling. Today we will reveal to you a house design situated in the heart of the forest and lake. This house is named as the Villa Snagov situated on the shores of Lake Snagov, Romania.

Obviously, its name is derived from its location. This house is a residential project which is designed on a narrow location which is situated in between a forest and a lake. With its amazing location, the client can enjoy the extraordinary view of the lake that improves the ambiance. Scroll down the page and witness the different areas of the house from its exterior and interior through the images below.

Villa Snagov Geometrical figures of this one storey house building displays the uniqueness and elegance referring to a modern house.

Extraordinary lake Views From here, the beautiful landscape and these tall trees underline the extraordinary designs of the interior.

Romania hone design Chairs and table are secured in the patio area for the client to fully experience the great ambiance in the surroundings.

entry pathway The designer secures lights in every corner of the interior and exterior to emphasize its exquisiteness.

round lamp design See how these two round lamps in the interior plays the important role in maintaining the glow and elegance in the house.

living room Expensive and colorful accessories and furniture are well arranged in the living space of the house.

living room design At night the glamour and luxury of the furniture and accessories stand out for its unique shape and functions.

light blue sofa You may notice how the different textures seen from the walls, floor and stairs complement with the soft and smooth sofa here.

abstract chandelier Modern chandeliers and lamps hanged in the dining space speak of fabulous and innovative design.

dining table set The pattern and design of the wooden table in this area relates with the wooden wall and tiled floors.

staircase Here’s the traditional stairs with a glazed frame seems to invite the guest to come up and see the other comfortable areas of the house.

bedroom Well-lighted and huge master bedroom is enough to achieve the real comfort and luxurious area of the house especially at night.

glazed glass wall Floor-to-ceiling glazed walls utilized in the house building possibly expose the beauty of the living space to the exterior.

bathroom LED lights at the back of the mirror in the powder area stressed the trendy fixtures and ceramic tiles used here.

bathroom sink Mosaic tiles in the floor of this bathroom underline the contemporary and stylish design of this bathroom.

Villa Snagov Glazed frames used as a division in the shower space makes this bathroom spacious and fashionable.

The exceptional view of the lake as well as the arrayed tall trees in the surroundings of the house allows the client to fulfill its intention of owning a relaxing and classy indoor and outdoor. The DOOI Studio – dooistudio.com, has successfully answered the demands of the client. The client achieved the private and elegant residential house that he is longing for. The integration of the interior to its exterior also provides sustainability as the homeowner can reduce its electricity through the natural ventilation and light experienced in the house. With that we may say that the designer provided us another set of inspiration that will guide us in the making and conceptualizing the best features of your dream house.