The Incredible Views in Villa Yang Som in Phuket, Thailand

Our featured house for today is located in Phuket Thailand. This house speaks for an experience that will assure you to feel like you are still in your house when in fact you are taking your vacation in a faraway place. This villa is built in the middle of green hills that have 6 floors which are capable of embracing the beautiful landscape and offers the incredible views of Phuket Island and Andaman Sea. This is popularly known as Villa Yang Som where most of the families or group of friends can certainly experience a comfortable and relaxing place to stay in.

This villa is said to be ideal for special occasions usually celebrated by our families and friends. This can accommodate a maximum of 10 guests. Once you arrive, you are immediately faced with the astonishing structure that rise triumphantly skywards, towering above you with the excellent style of architecture. If you will take a step into their panoramic elevator you may proceed to the main reception floor that you will give you a chance to witness the water features and abundance of teak in the surroundings.

This consists of 6 floors that surprisingly offer you the most inconceivable views and features which stand out from the others. The elevator here opens into an open reception area that can accommodate a maximum of 40 guests. Also there is a long bar at one end which is intended perfectly for private parties and special family events. Now let us take a tour in the different parts of this Villa Yang Somthrough the images below.

Villa Yang Som

As you can see the building of this villa maintains a traditional Thai design and style.


Here is one of the best spot in the villa where the guests can surely take the full advantage of nature.

pool side

The arrayed seats are perfectly arranged in the pool side so that the guests can feel the fresh air and view the surroundings.

pool bench

The panoramic view together with the cool water in the infinity pool proves that this Villa can surely change your mood.

lounge area

High and excellent quality materials of the furniture set in this area is emphasized here.

reception area couch

Here is the reception area where you can see the raised gallery area which leads off from the center to the 2nd elevator and Master Suite.

arc couch set

Different lines and curves are highlighted in this area that matches perfectly with the LED lights in the ceilings.

interior design

On the other side of this reception area is the wine bar where guests can chill out and relax at the same time.

Dining Room

The shape of this table and chair complements with the shape of the area.

outdoor dining set

Let’s take another look at the other side of this table where you can fully see the other parts of the exterior.

Living Room

In the living room, the designer made use of the brown and white concept that made this look more contemporary.

relaxing area

Black and wooden brown dominates the color of this area which is very effective to create a unique ambiance.

Dining Set

The dining space also offers a relaxing area in the house where the guest can enjoy looking at the green trees outside.

dining set

The Thai style and concept of this kitchen and dining space are stressed in this interior.


Here is one of the bedrooms in the villa that shows the combination of purple and wooden brown all over the place.


Let’s take a glimpse of this traditional Asian style bathroom that certainly provides comfort.

guest room

The different lines, texture and shape are highlighted in this area which can accommodate large numbers of guests.

master bathroom

This huge bathroom may allow the guests to enjoy the bath tub and the shower area with the incredible lights in every part of it.

aromatic square jacuzzi

Hot bath with the aromatic effect of the flower petals on the bath tub is one reason why guests would stay here for long.

villa Yang Som

Even at night the vivid lights explain why this space is perfect to experience nature and its comfort.

Well, as you can see the images of the different areas of the villa you can simply say that relaxation can be experienced in this villa. The guests may truly find everything they need even if they are not at home. The highlighted features of this villa are the state of the art sound system plus the comfortable sofas with over-sized cushions below the towering Thai salas. The Villa Yang Som offer an extreme relaxing spot to stay by the sea.