Overlooking the St. Ouen’s Bay from Jersey House on the Island of Jersey

We always look for warm colors when it comes to the furniture and paints applied in our interiors. We see to it that these colors will not just enhance the appearance of our house but will provide the comfort that every member of our family needs. Today we will see how the designer considered the warm colors that will improve the design of the house and will ensure the comfort that the client is looking for. This house is spotted in coast of Normandy, France, on the island of Jersey that overlooks the St Ouen’s Bay.

Its name is actually originated from its location as Jersey House. This home replaces a drab bungalow on the cliff top site and it offers the scenic area protected by very strict planning conditions. The designer was determined to replace the existing house with a superior contemporary scheme that would fully do the justice to its environment. The location seated on a plateau with the extensive views out to sea. Let us scroll down the page and see how the designer remarkably utilize the available features through the images below.

Jersey House Lines and the smooth texture of the walls of this building complements with the beautiful landscape.

St. Ouen Bay The rough texture of the bricks in the walls made this exterior stand out among the others.

geographic exterior design Geometric forms of the house building is highlighted in the exterior as you can see its edges.

slanting exterior roof Extraordinary shape and design explains the uniqueness and stylish concept of the house in this green environment.

living room Simple and plain colors of the furniture jives with the white and wooden brown palette utilized in the interiors.

book shelf Shapes and curves seen in every corner of the living space speak nothing but comfort and great style.

wooden dining table Here’s the white and modern designed lamps graced the wooden dining table.

natural stone bricks Textures and natural colors of the bricks creatively harmonized with the wooden themed interiors.

curved interior design Let us see how this curves adds elegance and comfort in the interior.

sofa couch Modern furniture and accessories perfectly complement with each other that ensures convenience to the homeowners.

dining area Who will say that it’s stress-free when you sit down and have a coffee in this dining table?

bedroom Sustainable light also offers comfort and peaceful stay in this modern designed bedroom.

bathroom Shapes and patterns employ in this bathroom’s wall harmonized with the fixtures here.

entry exterior See the whole shape of the house in its man’s view perspective complements with the well-groomed landscape.

Jersey House The lighting system utilized in the interiors helped in making these house stand out even at night.

As we can see the photographs above, we can sense how the designer effectively connected the environment to the residential house. Despite of its elevated position, there are few long distance views of the site which is approached by a typical high bounded Jersey lane. In determining the form of the house, the Hudson Architects intended that it should not dominate its surroundings but sit comfortably within them. We hope that we have provided you another set of inspirations and ideas in making your house comfortable and well-designed.