Captivating House Design Surrounded by Gardens in Mexico City

Different plants in different forms and sizes created a more creative and artistic zones in the exterior of our house. With that we tend to hire a professional landscape artist to maintain the beauty of our garden. Indeed garden enhances the ambiance of our outdoor areas that is one of the best place in the house where we can unwind and free from stress in our busy work place. Today we will share to you a house that is best design and surrounded by this astounding garden. This house is spotted in Mexico City.

This house is actually built on a fan-shaped with an area of 800 square meter and opened to the northeast. According to the designer, after the volumetric studies, they have decided to have an H-scheme layout of the house. With that layout, the sustainable light and fresh air is free to access the different parts of the house. Let us see more of the amazing areas of the house through the images below.

Mexico City Surrounded by these plants and tall trees, the geometric figure and volume of this house is still stand out.

A House Surrounded By Gardens AFlawlessly and neat effect of the glassed walls in this house is spotted in the second level of the building.

lawn area Who will not say that this area is one of the best spot in the house?

wood pattern interior design The lines and patterns exclusively display in the second level of the house also jives with the wooden materials and furniture in the sala.

living room Purple chairs set in this brown and grey themed interior enhances the design and style of this living space.

staircase minimal Look at the modern and unique design of this wooden staircase that also highlighted its contemporary design.

kitchen The lighting system employ in the kitchen can undeniably expose its modern and elegant style.

round dining table Here’s the trendy and functional design of dining set that also jives with the extraordinary chandelier above it.

bedroom glass walls Here’s the modern and spacious bedroom that offers the best comfort and stylish furniture.

bedroom entertainment area At the other side of the bedroom, is a living space where his guest can comfortably sit down and watch their favorite film, too.

marble bathtub Mosaic tiled floors and walls in this bathroom also complements with the glassed walls and white fixtures.

brown leather sofa Here’s the brown sofa that perfectly match with the shelves and office table in this study room in the house.

lighting living room At night, the LED lights installed all over the interior may undeniably display the elegance and luxury.

exterior evening view Exceptional views may be offer from the garden as it can transparently viewed the the different areas of the interior.

A House Surrounded By Gardens In the entrance, the lighting system adds elegance and charm in every parts of this exterior.

As we have seen the fabulous and comfortable spaces in the house, we can say that both interiors and exteriors have unveiled the great style and design of each corner of the house. We may found our very own favourite spaces in this house. But I am very fascinated with how the VGZ Architecture presented the remarkable rich and relaxing space in the garden. Certainly this house surrounded by garden will provide the ambiance that we are looking for in a house. We hope that you may also choose to apply these features in your house in the future.