Amazing Upshot of a Solar Powered Reclaimed Home in Seattle

We have seen houses that embrace the combination of modern design and its needs in adapting the future of development. We can claim exactly that most of these houses are made up of zero energy since we are also considering the sustainability features of a modern home. Today, we will be fascinated again with the home design crafted by this famous designer in Seattle, Washington State.

The designer said that they made use of the holistic approach which is similar to the farm-to-table idea. They incorporated local materials into the owner’s home which we may say more natural, recycled, or repurposed. The designer made sure that the materials they will be using is nurtured from its surroundings. Let us see how the designer ensures and employ the firm’s principle of conservation through the images below.

Reclaimed Modern Home Take a glance at how the designer applied the solar panel system in the roof to supply sufficient energy in the house.

Seattle A look at the unique forms and figure of this house building is enough to say it’s incredible design.

Wooden terrace Wooden lines and patterns are blended well with the excellent materials of the furniture.

patio pavement Sustainable light can freely access the indoor areas for the glass walls and sliding doors.

living room Grey color of the sofa and walls of the house building underlines its comfortable zone.

living area The color and the stylish furniture is blended well with the interior’s extraordinary design.

white dining table From the living area, the client may take the full advantage of the exterior because of the glassed walls.

simple modern kitchen A wall painting also enhances the dining space with the two lamps hanged above the dining table set.

Wall art Neat and elegant elements are well presented in this modern kitchen.

staircase Wall art improves the look of the interior with this artistic design of the carpet.

galvanized iron sheet From this space, you may see the entire staircase and the other areas of the interior as well.

bedroom Patterns and lines are also seen from the second level of the house and the stair’s frame.

gray tile bathroom Even in the bedroom the owner may be delighted of the natural environment available from its glassed windows and walls.

powder space Checkered tiled floors also match perfectly with the texture of the walls in the shower area in this bathroom.

exterior galvanized steel plate design The lights in the sides of the mirrors in this powder space made this area become more elegant and charming.

landscape design At night, this is how the house building stands out among the other houses in the area.

Reclaimed Modern Home Lighting system installed in the exterior also made this garden looks so amazing and luxurious.

The photographs taken by Tucker English clearly illustrated the modern and sustainable principles applied by Dwell Development. Definitely, we can say that the designer is also a group of nature lovers. I like the concept of employing the sustainable features in the house design. Personally, I like the idea of incorporating the sustainable features in this home design. For sure, this house design would help you a lot in creating a connection between the house and the surroundings as well as the idea of applying the sustainable materials available.