Remarkable Three Dimensional Forms of S-House in Saitama, Japan

When we think of a private house, there are lot of ideas and important features that we usually list in our requirement’s note. We tend to prepare a long list of requirements that will give us a perfect opportunity of living in a private home. Today we will once again check the features designed by the known architects in Japan. Well this private residence is located in Oomiya, Saitama, Japan in the year 2013. This is named as the S-House.

We may explore the remarkable features made by the designer to make this private residence stand out among the other houses in the place. According to the designer, this project is just a small house which is built in a residential area near Omiya station in Saitama. This has 538 square feet floors that cross over in two levels on a site that also measures around 100 square meters for its area. Let us scroll down the page and see the amazing levels of the house through the images below.

S House Three dimensional designs underlined in the intertwined structure of the house building also reveals the different levels of the house.

Saitama Japan Intertwined structure of the building make this house so sensational and unique.

Three Dimensional Forms Take a look at the house design as it also welcomes the natural light inside.

roof top design At the roof top the amazing staircase as well as the ceramic tiles used in the floor maintains its neatness.

3D elements Glassed framed walls are very effective to allow the client see the different house design outside.

stair See the incredible patterns and lines revealing the smoothness and flawless texture of the floors in this area.

puzzle design Forms and figures uncover the important zones in the interior that also adds sophistication.

white glass 3D Take a glance at the three dimensional patterns designed by the popular architects that also creates different dimensions.

kitchen The designer successfully utilized the silver and white color in the interior to maintain its modern look.

kitchen island Different layers and forms found in the kitchen area also underlines its modern concept.

Los Limoneros Even in the bathroom the designer proved that silver and white jives together to highlight its modern concept.

night lighting At night, the extraordinary design and concept of the house building may certainly captivate not just the client but the neighbors as well.

interior lighting Three dimensional figure and forms of the house is highlighted with its vivid lights that made this stand out in the dark.

geometric design Let’s take a closer look at how the designer created this complicated yet amazing design of the structure.

S House Here is the Sketch Plan of the house.

The photographer named Koichi Torimura effectively uncovered the fabulous and exceptional features of the Yuusuke Karasawa Architects’ S-House. I am very fascinated with the three dimensional depth and sense of distance that creates the architectural spaces where various distances become complicated. This architecture also realized the network-type spaces, where various distances become increasingly complex. We hope that you find this complicated design and pattern helpful in creating a remarkable design in your own house in the future.