The Modern Memory House in Madrid, Spain

Our house for the day is a residence built in Northern Madrid, Spain. This is named as the Memory House and designed by the famous A-cero. This residential house possessed a cubic profile pioneering with finish natural stone and glass. This has three levels and it is divided into the basement, ground floor, and the first floor. The service area, leisure area consists of the cinema and the massage room as well as the second bedroom is found in the basement of the house. While in the ground floor is designed intended for the basic areas in the house such as the living room, kitchen, dining area and the courtyard where the natural stone and sculptural elements are used as well.

The private areas are located on the first floor namely the master bedroom with bathroom and two closets. There are three secondary bedrooms and a hall that stands by the view that gives us the large window. Well the building design of this house displays straight lines and blueprints that result large volumes. The designer also set the corten steel sheets in different lengths to separate the different areas in the house. In the interior there is a great opportunity to access the double height lobby. This also features a unique spiral staircase made of steel and wood. Well let’s check the other details of this Memory House below.

Memory House

The geometrical shape of this building stands out in the middle of this astounding landscape.

Spain home design

You may notice that the designer installed some lights in the landscape that surrounded this amazing house.

lap swimming pool

The small lap swimming pool is enclosed with these glass materials that made this private from the other parts of the house.

Living Room

The white and exquisite furniture adds more luxury in this living space where you can sit down and enjoy the beauty of the exterior.

Living Room lighting

Indeed the lighting installed in the interior is a great way to assure the client to experience comfort in this living area.

Dining set

The round chandelier at the top of the table set in this dining room underlines the different shapes displayed here.

Dining Room light

The LED lights installed in the sides of this ceiling highlighted the serenity in this space.


Grey and white dominates this kitchen that made this simple and elegant.

Stairs spiral design

This spiral stairs in the middle of the interior is one of the highlight in this house design.

Stairs lighting

At the second level of the house you may see another stairs that will bring you to the different private areas of the house.

Entertainment area

Here is the entertainment room of the house which proves the luxury and comfort in the house.


This may be a simple bathroom with the glass and latest fixtures application of the materials here.

second floor garden

At night the exterior displays more of its incredible shape and volume through the lightings installed in the entire house.

Pool area

The designer put some chairs in the sides of this swimming pool so that the client may easily take the full advantage of the pools and the panoramic view here.

Memory House

In the morning, the staggering edifice explains how the designer brilliantly shows the different lines and volumes here.

As you can see, the A-cero was able to secure the beautiful landscape and a lovely house design as well. They also set the basic areas for improvement. The large gardens, swimming pools and the advanced automation system are one of the best feature of this house can ever offer. While the interior described as the open interior that most of the time the natural lights are utilized because of its glass panels and large windows. The spiral staircase in the house also suggests more movement through its sinuous forms. Certainly you may be inspired to apply some of the features of this home in your dream house.