20 Rad-Looking Red Chairs in the Bedroom

Love red? Then bring in a red chair to your bedroom for a bold appeal.

Here is a collection of 20 awesome looking red chairs in the bedroom that add just enough accent and oomph to the entire look of the space. The color red which we usually associate with passion and war serves as an accent to most of the bedroom pictures in this collection. They add a kick to the neutrality of wall colors or present a sharp contrast to the motif or color options in this collection.

Take a look at these red chairs with a variety of shapes and designs and check out for yourselves as to whether these chairs are what you just might be looking for in the bedroom you are planning to decorate soon. Or perhaps you might simply get some good ideas in re-decorating your bedroom in order to have that improved relaxation and sleep experience.

red chair bedrooms

1. Buffaloe House

Buffaloe House

Clark & Chapin Architects

The view in this bedroom is definitely cool and refreshing! Conversely, the fireplace inside the bedroom makes this wide space cozier especially during night time. The color choices are simple yet they mesh together nicely. The red chair in the corner is a good spot to read and it matches the carpet. It also adds just enough zing to the room without being too overpowering.

2. Desert Modern at Estancia

Modern Estancia


Another bedroom with a great view. Although this space seems small in size, it can still accommodate two individuals. Perfect for twins or siblings perhaps. The chair and study table also give just a hint of color in this otherwise neutral-toned bedroom. Interesting wall decor too!

3. Flatiron Condo

Flatiron Condo

JK Walters Inc.

Living in a condo unit doesn’t have to compromise taste and be living out of style. The geometric patterns on the walls are very modern if not beyond it, and the design has made most of the limited floor space. The red swivel chair looks really classy too and in this somehow-white room, the chair complements the minimalist design of the decor above the bed.

4. Elk Mountain Scenic Hwy

Mountain Scenic

Allard & Roberts Interior Design, Inc.

I adore the few color choices in this bedroom. The colors on the pillows somehow resonates the wall painting decor. Generally, since the color of the bed and the blanket is a dark shade of grey, it somehow presents a contrast to the rest of the colors especially with the red chair near the wall that just seems to pop due to the earthy and neutral tones in this room.

5. Lincoln Park Vintage Remodel

Park Vintage

Summer Thornton Design

Classic and vintage designs and decor present themselves in this bedroom. It is seen in the frame of the mirror, the shape of the headboard, the bedroom bench, and the two red chairs with the swirly arms. The red, blue, and green combinations might not be a favorite color scheme for everyone but this bedroom sure shows a way to incorporate them together.

6. Mendocino Country House

Mendocino Country

Cathy Schwabe Architecture

Here is another bedroom with a winner of a view outside. The yellow walls are refreshing and these create a happy mood in this room albeit not being too spacious. The extra space below the windows is a really good idea if you want to add more room for your books and stuff in a limited area like this one. The Eames Molded Plywood Lounge Chair looks stunning against the yellow walls. It’s pretty neat and practical too given the location of the books.

7. Okasian House

Okasian House

Fitzsimmons Architects

The bed and the chair are really stunning scarlet pieces in this room. The space is wide, yes. But the minimalist design is absolutely gorgeous and not to mention, looks incredibly comfortable and red. Indeed as we sometimes hear, less is more.

8. Rosslyn Townhouse

Rosslyn TH

FORMA Design

The beige bed contrasts the red accent wall adequately and the red lounge chair definitely complements the entire look of the bedroom. It looks pretty comfy for book-reading and chilling. This bedroom looks cozy too especially with the pretty rad lighting.

9. Underhill House

Underhill House

Helen Seymour-Smith

Another neutral-toned bedroom accented with a red egg chair. This bedroom is simple but has undeniably a great view. Wide glass doors that serve as windows provide great lighting and ventilation. Definitely a refreshing bedroom!

10. Tenleytown Rowhouse

Tenleytown Rowhouse

FORMA Design

This bedroom is simple but definitely pretty. The whites and brown are accented by a red chair with foot rest and an abstract painting above the headboard. Accent lighting is a simple idea which you can explore in your own bedroom especially if you prefer minimal colors and decors in your bedroom.

11. Veranda House

Veranda Housers

Rachel Reider Interiors

Another great idea if you have limited bedroom floor space but still wants a big bed and an interesting design. Put an accent chair as well as an accent pillow. You can also opt for a decor that will match the accent color you chose, which in this case is red. A little detail sure goes a long way.

12. Bellagio Place

Bellagio Place

Cynthia Marks Interiors

This bedroom use minimal decor and design. The walls are a nice muted blue tone and goes well with the choice of bedding and pillow colors. The upholstery on the King Louis XV chair obviously matches the pillow designs which is definitely a good idea when choosing accents for the bedroom.

13. Crockett Residence

Crockett Residence

Chris Pardo Design – Elemental Architecture

The yellow bed looks comfortable and its color contrasts the red chair in the corner. Perhaps some more wall decor or a change in wall color might do the trick in improving the ambience of this bedroom.

14. Hampstead Hill Gardens

Hill Gardens

Stephen Fletcher Architects

Here’s another red egg chair to accent this bedroom. The sliding glass doors make this room look even wider and show a good view from the balcony. If you were to choose an accent chair for a wide bedroom like this one, you can opt to pattern or base it on the color of your headboard, like in this bedroom.

15. Lake Drive

Lake Drives

Karin Payson Architecture

This bedroom is a very gorgeous space. The view from the balcony is refreshing and the color choices here really work beautifully especially the accents provided by the reds in contrast to the greens. The subtle blue on the area carpet works nicely.

16. Stephanie’s House


Tracy Stone AIA

A nice, red, modern chair to match the modern design of this bedroom. The white wooden panels in this room are gorgeous. Assuming this bedroom is in the attic given the angled walls, the effect becomes more modern and unique. Not to mention the silver door and the red birds of paradise to complete the whole look.

17. The Twist

The Twist

H3K Design

The name “The Twist” might be attributed to the twisted designs on the walls. The decors and design is quite eclectic and the color choices are varied. Take for example the chair on the corner, which pops out like a red tomato in a basket of blueberries and potatoes, and the effect is definitely unique.

18. W Austin Residence

W Austin

Urbanspace Interiors

That chic chair is called a Fjord Lounge Chair and it definitely looks modern and unique. It complements the theme in this room which has just the right amount of accents and color combinations, as well as adequate amount of decor and cozy lighting.

19. Alewa Heights Renovation

Alewa Heights

Matsuki Architects

If you love the color red and its shades, here is a bedroom idea. Red area carpet and red chairs, pink and burgundy pillows, and a fluffy-looking red and pink bed sheet.

20. The Residences at W Hollywood

The Residences

Cantoni Los Angeles

Red and black has gone a long way in complementing each other and this bedroom is no exception. The big, black bed makes the red colors of the lounge chairs and the curtains even more vibrant.

The 20 chairs in these 20 bedrooms may differ in style and design but they sure add that extra dash of life into the room. If you want to extend the idea to the living room, you can also add red chairs in it.