A Look at the Efficient Light System in the Three Dormer House in Canada

Who will say that lighting system is not important if you want to achieve elegance and somehow a comfortable and stylish home? Well, we can claim that most of the elegant, charming and comfy design of the house comes with stunning and luxurious lighting system. Today, we will witness how the designer employs the significance of lighting system and space in a residential house. This house is named as the Three Dormer House.

This family home is settled in Toronto, Canada and built intently for a couple with flexible space for their daughter to stay when she returns for visits. Well, they said renovation of this midtown century Toronto house transformed it into a modern, warm and light filled home. This has also an open layout design to the sky with gardens front and back. Now, let us explore the different parts of the house through the images below.

Three Dormer House Take a look at the box type house building as well as the different levels in the house.

Canada Grey and beige color of the furniture match perfectly with the wooden frame of the sliding door.

Efficient Light System Wooden framed glassed sliding doors harmonized with the wooden walls and classy furniture in the patio area.

kitchen design Wooden walls, furniture and floor’s pattern harmoniously jives with the white kitchen table and sink in this kitchen.

cone chandelier Modern and classy lamp in this area simply shows it’s amazing fashion and design.

wooden elements Look at the wooden table in this dining space that may undeniably match with the wooden staircase.

modern hanging lamp Modern and trendy design of this lamp is highlighted as it was installed above this dining space.

wood staircase Textures and lines presented in this staircase also match well with the white and grey color of the walls in the second level of the house.

bedroom Huge bed intently utilized to have a comfortable and luxurious design of the bedroom.

intimate fireplace Another spacious and functional areas in the interior where the client may enjoy the huge window and the beautiful surroundings.

bathroom Spacious and trendy bathroom also built in the interior which can ensure the comfort for the client.

bookshelf An area in the house where the client can consider his own mini library that will offer the best zone in reading his favorite books.

bedroom clean Even in this bedroom, the designer secured an area where the client’s books and other materials may be kept in this built-in shelves.

night house lighting When the night comes the simple lighting system in the interior also highlighted its elegance.

Three Dormer House Bricks utilized in the walls of the exterior blended well with the plants and trees in the surroundings.

As we have seen the central light well spread from the roof to the basement level brings light deep into the heart of the home. This also creates strong spatial relationship between and across the floors. Moreover, the spaces of the house actually gracefully flow into each other. The design of Superkül for this house is open with some pivot doors that may close off the personal spaces or noise when desired.