Surprisingly Natural Beauty of the Hudson Woods in New York, USA

Do you ever imagine a modern house found in the middle of the forests? Yes it is possible. In fact, these house can certainly capture the different mountain views and experience the beauty of nature. Today, we will show you a house set amidst the forests and meadows that confidently shows the mountain views. This house is called as the Hudson Woods Homes. Its name is obviously derived from its amazingly beautiful location.

Speaking of Hudson Woods Homes, you might be thinking of an old traditional design and architectural concept. But this home actually offers the modern design we usually dreamed of. In fact its design is fascinatingly complements flawlessly with the natural surroundings. Indeed, you will not just witness the comfort in the entire house but also will experience the advantage of exploring the wooden features of the surroundings. Scroll down the page to access to the different natural yet modern features of the house through the images below.

Hudson Woods Lines becomes patterns and shapes that are revealed in the walls and doors of this house that jives with the stoned floor in the exterior.

New York USA At the entrance, we can see the surprising features of the house from its lamp and plants set here.

sofa set Behind the traditional wooden features of the exterior of the building is a modern living space that features the soft and comfortable trendy and stylish sofa.

single glass window Huge glassed windows are also secured in the interior to allow the client to fully experience the natural beauty of the surroundings.

full length glass window At the other side of the living space is a floor-to-ceiling glassed walls where the modern and innovative features of the exterior is offered.

kitchen island A combination of modern and traditional concept is utilized to make this wooden themed kitchen appeare to be attractive.

kitchen design Stainless steel fixtures and ceramic tiled walls in this kitchen still underline its modern style.

bedroom fur Soft and light beige colour of the mattress and pillows of this bed underline its comfort and charm.

guest bedroom Blue green chequered mattress and bed sheets is highly complement with the blue green carpet in the floor.

bathroom Wooden, tiled and trendy fixtures are the basic elements of this modern bathroom.

wood office area A simple yet functional office area in the house is secured to allow the client fully accomplish his tasks.

garage area Here is the entertainment or game room of the house where the client and his friends play and enjoy.

recreation room Indoor sports games can be experienced in the spacious game room of the house.

glass wood house Take a look at the simple yet elegant house design of the Hudson Woods from the exterior.

landscape design From the terrace, the client and its guest can access the large landscaped garden and modern swimming pool.

Hudson Woods The colour of the swimming pool’ tiles complements with the colour of the forest.

As we have seen the different images above, we can clearly see the beauty of nature and its connection to the house. We can witness how it brought comfort and made this house look modern and charming. The Lang Architecture successfully created an authentic and meaningful experience in every area of the house. We can also see how the designer effortlessly provide the sustainable features coupled with the modern concept in making this contemporary house a success. We hope that you will not just stay as amazed but you will also implement its sophisticated features in your own house in the future.