Seascape: A Stunning Home Tucked On the Shores of New Zealand

Want a serene holiday with your sweetheart? Here is a lovely home you'd love to stay.

Homes are built in many different locations and that includes along the sea, on a hill, on a mountain, on a cliff and just anywhere we can think of. We are not surprised that people are that adventurous when it comes to location of homes because that also varies on the interests of the homeowners and also to the available lot that they were able to acquire. But mind you, wherever you are in the world and in whatever kind of land you own, you will no doubt get a lovely home just like what we will see in today’s feature.

What we are going to feature today is a super secluded seaside home that is said to be built where the world won’t find you. This home is called Seascape and it is tucked away on the shores of the New Zealand coastline. This beachside house designed by Patterson Associates is surrounded with glass around it so that one can enjoy the views of the waters and even that of the mountains. It would be nice to sit in the living area while watching all the stunning beauty of nature. In the interior, it has a beautiful woodwork on the ceiling and some comfortable furniture as well. You will also see that its bedroom is part of the open area of the living, dining and kitchen space. Let us take a look at the house below.

Location: New Zealand

Designer: Patterson Associates

Style: Contemporary

Number of Levels: One

Unique feature: A house located along the shore with elements from glass, wood and stone combined. It is a secluded home that is perfect as a vacation home.

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Isn’t this a very beautiful view? The house features large floor-to-ceiling windows that provide the perfect opportunity to enjoy the natural surroundings all day long. Yes, one can enjoy the views even when inside the house.

Patterson Associates

This is an outdoor space in the house that has a fireplace of its own. Its flooring is concrete with stones on the walls.


The holiday home can actually also be rented for those people who would like to try this lovely space and to experience nature around it. It has three rooms, a lobby, a living/sleeping area and a bathroom. You can see in this photo that it has a unique triangular shape fireplace in the living area.

Seascape living

Aside from that fireplace, the interior also has a mix of various furniture designs just like the swing chair that you can see here.<

Seascape interior

In the interior, it has an open area for the living area, dining area, kitchen and the sleeping area which is merely elevated from the rest of the space. Well, I guess this could also be a nice place for honeymooners too. Notice that the use of wood on the ceiling, isn’t it nice?

Seascape sleeping area

A closer look at the bedroom which used wood for its bed and its headboard. It used concrete for the walls and some stones as well that brings more natural appeal to the home.

Seascape bedroom

Another look at the bedroom which brings us closer to the stones. I can tell that these stones might even be from the site as it comes in various shapes, colors and sizes. It does look really beautiful!

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Seascape bed

The house doesn’t just have a lovely bedroom and public spaces but it also has this bathroom. Notice that the stones used in the bedroom was also seen in here.

Seascape bathroom

The house is nestled into the Banks Peninsula and is hidden among the hills. It is a private space which appears like a serene cove that you could enjoy.

Seascape roof

The house is built around the hills with some grass on it. It also has a green roof and it looks like that the energy used in the house are from the solar panels.

Want to see more of this house? Watch this video which will take you to the beautiful location of the home with all the waters and the stunning views of nature.

Isn’t this a very serene and relaxing place to live in? It sure is! Aside from the views of nature, you can also see that the house is well designed as well. Patterson Associates apparently did a great job for the design of the home as it used large glass panel to ensure that the views will be maximized. Even the interior design is also very relaxing featuring a triangular shape modern fireplace that is suspended from the ceiling. What else would you ask for if you have a home like this along the sea? If you need a break or two, this could also be the perfect vacation spot. Agree? So, what can you say about this home?