Sustainable Elements Bestowed in the Cascading Creek House in Texas

Do you believe that sustainability is very crucial to one’s lives and to one’s home? I think that it is really important because when you make your home more sustainable the more you can save money, right? Well, today we are going to witness how the designer applied innovative technology in maintaining sustainability in this single family residential house. This house is named as Cascading Creek House which is built in Texas, USA. I know that from its name you can find a clue how sustainability works.

This house is completed with an area of 11,796 square foot and it incorporates multiple green system components which include photovoltaic, rainwater collection and hydronic heating and cooling. As we can see the in the house structure, the roof is designed to create a natural basin for the collection of rainwater. These basins harness the additional natural flows through the use of photovoltaic and solar hot-water panels. Indeed the water, electricity and heat which are coming from the roof connected to an extensive climate conditioning system utilize water source heat pumps and radiant loops. These provide the heating and cooling system for the residence. Let us explore more of the sustainability features that this Cascading Creek House has to offer through the images below.

Cascading Creek The roofing system may certainly capture the neighbour’s eyes for its unique design.

Sustainable house Elements As you can see here the climate system is connected to geothermal ground loops as well as in the pools.

Creek House As the water flows from the roof, this shows a system of heat exchange that may reduce the owner’s dependent consumption on electricity and gas.

Texas homes Let us see how the natural resources work to prove how sustainabile is the house.

lawn area The lines and texture from the walls of the house building stand out in this beautiful landscape.

living room Free access to sunlight may be experienced in the living area from its glassed windows.

beige couch set Distinct choices of colour of the furniture and accessories are combined to show elegance.

classy chandelier High technological device is also presented in the living space to prove its modern style.

dining area The dining area is effectively graced with these incredible rounded lights in the chandelier.

dining set This wooden table set complements with the huge glassed windows in the dining area.

kitchen counter Trendy fixtures and furniture shows a simple yet cozy kitchen space.

patio furnitures Patio area will never be complete without these comfortable grey sala set.

garden This area proves the importance of plants in maintaining the garden-fresh in the exterior.

bedroom Beige mattress in this huge bed enhances the ease and lure in this master bedroom.

bedroom design The wall paintings as well as the black patterned carpet in the floor are very effective to augment fascinating mood in this bedroom.

bathroom Natural light is available in this white contemporary and classy bathroom.

exterior garden The geometric volume of the house is well presented in the middle of these wonderful trees in the surroundings.

swimming pool This astounding rectangular swimming pool emphasized the luxury in the exterior.

pool side The LED lights installed in every corner of the exterior shows great mood and quality.

Cascading Creek Serenity and tranquillity may surely be experienced in this comfortable exterior.

The sustainability features applied by the designer are very helpful and proves that it made this residence more comfortable to live in. Also it reduced the environmental impact that may surely benefit not just the owner but the future generations as well. We can say that Bercy Chen Studio efficiently show the importance of sustainability through their incredible innovative and high technology heating and cooling system. Definitely we can still participate in exercising our power to affect changes to the environment.