Suprisingly Beautiful Flintstones Romantic Retreat House in Malibu

Have you imagined living inside a cavernous home like the ones during the Stone Age? People in that era would dwell either in a rock home or in a cave. This is what you will see in the famous cartoon sitcom, The Flintstones. The sitcom is a humorous story of Fred and his family living in a Stone Age way of life. It also shows different adventures with his best friend Barney Rubbles. Well, you wouldn’t barter living in a rock house that with the comfort in your current home. But you might change your mind after seeing this Malibu Romantic Flintstones Retreat House owned by American television and radio legend, Dick Clark. This house sits on a 23 acres lot in Malibu giving one a 360 degree view of mountains, seas and cityscapes.

This home would make you say “Yabaa-Dabba-Doo” like the famous expression of Fred Flintstone. One would have the feeling of being a modern day Fred with the aura and design of this house. One look at it would make you think that it is a massive structure but it is actually built using light materials combined with concrete. The inner walls are made of wood while the ceilings used steel beams covered with concrete to get that rock-like appearance. It has one bedroom and two bathrooms that both made use of modern appliances despite retaining a pre-historic look. The interior design of the house used irregular shapes and stone colors. While the exterior really looked like real rock especially that real stones where integrated to the concrete and scrubbed to expose it.

The house came from the idea of Architect Phillip Jon Brown who suggested to create a house that looked like a rock formation since it is situated next to the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreational Area. The idea was then made real with this home. Aside from its impressive design, this home also offers a breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean, Boney Mountains and Los Angeles. One will love the place for it is like a secluded retreat right in the center of nature’s gift of beauty, peace and serenity. For sure, you are eager to take a tour of the Flintstone House of Dick Clark. Scroll down and take a look at the different views of the house.

Front Flintstones

You might got used to seeing multi-million houses with sleek lines but this one has an irregular shape with ragged lines mimicking the texture of rocks.

Flintstones Living

Notice how they worked on the glass just to get the assymetrical shape of the window as it offer an extensive view of the Pacific Ocean.

Shaw Swim

Another view of the living room where you can see furniture in white and beige also taking a unique shape like huge rocks shaped. You can also see the curvelinear architecture here giving an emotional appeal.

Dining Flintstones

In this shot, you can see the design of the ceiling with beams made of huge jagged rocks. You can also see the location of the living area just adjacent to the dining.

Closer Dining

Let us take a closer look at the dining area that made use of a rock like table top and seats that seem like woven from dried plant.

Kitchen Flintstones

Everything in this kitchen is Stone Age inspired including the drawers and the sink that is like installed in a huge rock. But it still made use of modern day appliances and granite as countertop.

Partition Flintstones

The partition wall for the bedroom and living room is held by this big column with a deformed shape.

Flintstones Bedroom

The bedroom which comes in the same color with the rest of the house also attained a romantic ambience with the minimal furniture, lighting and the touch of nature.

Flintstones Bedroom2

The fabrics used in the bedroom also matched the theme of the house. This bedroom seems cold in appearance but would be kept warm from the heat of the free-form fireplace.

Bath Flintstones

A spacious bathroom of complete fixtures is in this house. The mirrors are also shaped in an irregular manner while the shelves are molded from poured concrete.

Bathtub Flintstones

People from the Stone Age might have no bath tubs but modern people who used this bathroom surely needs one. The bathtub looked perfect in this bathroom.

Flintstones Night

When evening comes, the home is well lighted. Observe how big the openings of the house are in order to provide good ventilation. There are numerous windows and it used open ceiling layouts, too.

Flintstones Landscape

If one thinks that the outdoors will look modern, you are wrong for even the landscape is done in a Stone Age manner making the home’s look perfectly coherent.

Surprised? Well, maybe you are but this home was really well built. It could have been a great challenge to the architects, interior designers and civil engineers on how to come up with a house made of rock. But for sure it had given the engineers a big deal of structural analysis since the home used irregular shaped columns and beams. The structural design of the house was surely well thought of and intelligently done to make sure that it will stood firm through time. This could not have been possible without the collaboration of design experts especially from Architect Brown who conceptualized the entire design. This Malibu Romantic Retreat House – with a Flintstones design is currently for sale at $3.5 Million. If you are a die-hard fan of the sitcom and you have that big amount of money, you can buy the house and live as today’s modern Flintstone.

House designs like this Flintstones house are the ones that get worldwide attention especially when they are built in an unusual manner. This manifests that man really can go beyond the norms of the society even in terms of building and designing structures. You can also take a look at unique home designs from Home Design Lover which can offer you inspiration on what to use for your own house design.