Embrace Oneness of Nature and a Modern Home in Thailand’s Villa Noi

Nothing can beat a house that is nestled by the trees. It is given the feel of nature and once you are in it, you will still feel the serenity of the surrounding around you especially when there are windows that surround it. We are sure that you have noticed the difference between a home in the woods and a home in the city. You would certainly be able to lift up your feet for relaxation once you are around the trees than you are round tall buildings.

Today, we will feature a house called Villa Noi. It is a private residence designed by Thai studio Duangrit Bunnag Architect Limited (DBALP). This modern home was separated into different sections in order to accommodate the forest pine trees that surround it. Now, that is one good consideration of the environment. The villa is located next to the Phang Nga bay in Southern Thailand which means that it can also offer views of the waters.

Duangrit Bunnag Architect Limited

Like most modern homes, Villa Noi have sleek lines in it and it uses glass panels too for its windows.


The house appears like it is floating from afar because of the cantilevered design on the edges of the upper level creating eaves for the lower area.

Villa Noi

The trees and the bay look really beautiful which sure is a perfect way to unwind.

lawn area

The house exhibits a stunning combination of nature and modern house design.


It has different sections as it considered the trees that existed in the area.

swimming pool

Aside from the bay, the villa also has its own infinity pool.

pool side

Outdoor chaise lounge area added to the wooden deck to offer ultimate relaxation to the owners.

kitchen red

Inside the house, one will still feel openness especially that sliding glass doors can leave the area open to the outdoors.


Even the bathroom is surrounded with glass and has a design that is so close to nature.

sectional sofa set

A sectional sofa as well as a well-crafted wooden table grace the living area that faces the bay.

wood bathroom floor

You can also see trees in the interior which shows that no tree was indeed harm in the construction of this house.

bedroom design

There is another tree in this bedroom- amazing right? The bedroom is also open with glass windows and doors but has drapes that can be closed when privacy is needed.

pool lighting

The house is indeed lovely especially when it is lighted during the night.

Villa Noi

And another great thing about the location of the house is how the sun spread its light into the house day in and day out.

With the trees and the waters combined, it is really worth it to stay in Villa Noi. Aside from the lovely location, its modern sleek design is gorgeous as well. And let us not forget about it cozy interior that has an open layout and openness to the outdoor area too. Definitely beautiful! The Duangrit Bunnag Architect Limited (DBALP) of Thailand sure did a great job for this design and we won’t doubt it as we can see that in the images above.