A Small but Relaxing Tropical Beach Home in Australia

Look at this tropical beach house with a contemporary design.

All of us would want to take a little break from work and relax. We can actually do that in our own homes but sometimes, we prefer to go somewhere else to unwind and rest. A beach or a pool would be the first thing that would come to our mind. And we would definitely love to have a vacation home that is near the beach. With that, we can just visit the place whenever we want to. We have already featured various vacation homes as well as homes that are located near the beach but we will show you in this post is something extraordinary.

Today, we are going to show you a small beach house that is designed for true indoor/outdoor living. This tropical home is designed by Renato D’Ettorre Architects located on a remote island in Far North Queensland, Australia. The home is just small with a 100 square meters (about 1100 square feet) floor area but it already includes a living area, dining area, kitchen, one bedroom and bathroom. The design is contemporary with many modern elements inside. It sits on a place that is surrounded with trees and plants. Let us take a look at the images of the house below.

Location: Far North Queensland, Australia

Designer: Renato D’Ettorre Architects

Style: Contemporary

Number of Levels: One-storey

Unique feature: A home is located in front of a beach and has a stunning contemporary tropical design that we would all love to own as a vacation home. Although it is small, it has everything one needs to have a comfortable living.

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Expect to see wooden elements in the house because of its location and its tropical inclination. But it isn’t an ordinary wooden beach house. It is something that we would like to own so we can spend some quite time with the family in here. At first glance, it really looks like something I’d like to live in for a couple of days!

Renato D’Ettorre Architects

The house is elevated from the ground for a few steps and it has white interior for the ceiling, walls and the flooring. The furniture is also white which looks really nice in the area.

contemporary home

Because of the area’s warm temperature, the home completely opens up to allow the breeze to flow through the house. You can see that it is open on all sides with a door for privacy in the bedroom.

tropical beach house

The rooftop of the house has an almost lantern-like shape, which helps with outward circulation of hot air, and also with the ventilation when the home is closed up for protection against the elements.

tropical beach house view

The house is just a few steps from the beach. Seen here is a glimpse of the view from the living area featuring the waters as well as the coconut trees.

tropical beach house interiors

The interiors of this small tropical beach house are mostly white and wood, with pops of yellow and blue in it to make the area appear more lively. On the white wooden table is a cute flower vase that bears tropical flowers.

tropical beach house kitchen

The kitchen is small with a simple design combining wood and white colors. It features the same wooden elements that is used in the rest of the home.

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tropical beach house bed

The bedroom is positioned in this manner so that when one lies on the bed, he can enjoy the view of the ocean and the trees. The bed has white bedding set and also has curtains on it. It sits on a gray area rug.

tropical beach house bedroom

The wall in the bedroom has wooden finish which is a good way to bring nature into the area. It also has a built in open shelf which can hold some items like books. Aside from that, there is also a wooden floating shelf with a vase on it. The bed has a canopy with beautiful flowing white sheer curtain that gives it a romantic look.

tropical beach house door

Behind the kitchen is the bathroom which is just off to the side of the bedroom. There are many wooden doors in the house to provide privacy in certain areas.

tropical beach house stone wall

Like the bedroom, it also has a stone wall for the bathroom which has white colors everywhere. The toilet is closed off and it receives lots of natural light from the windows.

tropical beach house toilet

While the toilet is closed, the rest of the bathroom is open to the outdoors like this concrete vanity with modern faucet.

tropical beach bathroom open

Apparently, this bathroom is designed for those who will take a bath on the beach and shower afterwards. It has white colors in it and is elevated from the ground like the rest of the house.

tropical beach house bathroom

You can see here that many areas of the house is indeed open. From this bathroom, you can see the opening of the bedroom on the other side. But worry not because this area can also be closed when privacy is needed.

tropical beach house outdoor shower

This is an outdoor shower which is ideal for rinsing off after ocean swimming. The wall here has the same stones seen in the bedroom and bathroom.

tropical beach house close

And when it is time for privacy, you can close everything. Yes, all the openings can be closed and it would look like this. Still nice, right? It actually looks intriguing this way.

Homes near the beach really look very relaxing indeed especially if the design is like this house that is done by Renato D’Ettorre Architects. It would really be nice to spend time here while you are looking at the beach. Even if you do not go to the waters, you will still feel refreshed while inside the beach. And I actually think this place is perfect for a romantic