Environmental Balance Features in the Clovelly Residence in Sydney, Australia

It is true that when we plan for our future house we usually create a list to consider. This list is consisting of the demands and requests that we can give to our chosen designer. Requests and demands on what our house exterior and interior would be look like. Electrical consumption charges are now costly so we also tend to consider sustainability, right? Now we will explore a house named Clovelly Residence which was built in Sydney, Australia. Let us see how the designer responded to the demands of the client.

Since we are talking about sustainability to be in the top list of our demands as a client, let us see how the designer responded to it. Well as you can see the house has an L-shape and this is to create a protected enclave and to take the full advantage of the solar energy. Also, this can take the full access to the natural ventilation. Let us see more of the sustainable details of this Clovelly Residence through the images below.

Clovelly Residence Simple concrete and wooden materials are utilized to make this house building stand out among the other houses here.

Environmental Balance Features Effective uses of glass materials in the walls and doors make this house interior spacious and visible to the exterior.

Sydney house Australia Lines and textures are seen from the walls, floors and landscape in this comfortable courtyard.

kitchen area design Modern materials such as concrete, stainless steel and glass is creatively used to have a remarkable style and concept in the interior.

dining area Two chandeliers hanged above this wooden dining table underline its association with the wooden walls here.

dining table set Stylish and durable black chairs in this 10-seater dining set harmonized with the modern and elegant black sofa in the living area.

kitchen island Trendy and high-class monolithic kitchen island bench accentuate the fashionable concept of this kitchen.

kitchen stove Here is the stainless cooking range that speaks of its importance in the client’s love in cooking food.

working desk Natural ventilation is achieved through this open windows and sliding glazed doors that may allow the client to effectively do his task even at home.

staircase Flowing movement of this unique stairs seems like welcoming the client and its guest to enjoy more of the second level of the house.

bedroom Selected white palette in this bedroom is highly observed in keeping an airy and spacious area in the house.

glazed sliding doors Floor-to-ceiling glazed doors in this bedroom are enough to allow the homeowner to see more of the splendid views outside.

bathroom Even in this bathroom, you may see how the designer makes use of the high quality fixtures and huge bath tub to make the client feel comfortable and at peace.

large glass sliding door During daytime, sustainable lights are experienced in the interior that minimize the electrical consumption.

patio furnitures Chairs set in this patio may allow the client to enjoy the warmth of the sun especially during summer.

Clovelly Residence While at night, the great ambiance and luxurious rectangular pool are featured in the exterior.

Through the pictures above taken by Steve Back, we have understood the importance of sustainability in this house design. We clearly see the relevance of its L-shaped building to avail the solar energy, natural ventilation and as well as the energy usage in including three water tanks, reverse brick veneer walls, sun control louvers and shutters, hot water solar panels and photovoltaic cells. We may say that the Tzannes Associates brilliantly planned the house design and functions. Now I have learned that we should not focus more on the beauty of the house or the style rather but we should also look at how it can take the full advantage of the natural resources. We hope that you too, have learned something new today.