The Contemporary Noyack Creek Residence in Suffolk County, New York

This 1,350 square feet modern residential house is sitting on a 0.31 acre lot located in Noyack, which is a hamlet in Suffolk County, New York, USA. The client of this house is a New Yorker actor. This house is named as Noyack Creek Residence. The client wanted a retreat for relaxation and casual entertainment on a restrictive narrow lot in front of the tidal estuary of Noyack creek. Well, it became a study in architectural theatre. It has a series of spaces in a carefully scripted sequence that delicately replicate the client’s professional career.

So the client may access the house starting from the front door where perforated privacy screens slide apart like a curtain. It uncovers the loft for living and dining areas. The direction of the deck boards that make up the flooring is altered to demarcate the path through the space, as it emerges seamlessly to an exterior waterside deck. Meanwhile, there is a broad stair to the second level, which is parallel with an interior stair along the glazed walls. It acts as tiered seating for entertainment while looking at the water view beyond.

And beneath the stairs, there is a hidden backstage for maximum privacy. The guest room shades the water view through a nearby hidden sliding door. So the guest appears as if through a trap door. It leads the stairs to the second floor where the final destination is found. The master suite and balcony is located in the second floor. However, the master bedroom is connected to the bath by a bridge that is capable of overlooking the public spaces below which are lit by the glazed stair well. Well, now let us explore more of the contemporary Noyack Creek Residence details. Kindly scroll down and witness the astounding images of the different spaces of this house below.

Noyack Creek Residence

Let’s take a look at the extraordinary shape and volume of this house seated in the center of green trees.

front design

You will never deny the fact that this black painted wall is capable of catching one’s eyes.

lawn area

The black paint used in the walls of this house stressed the elegance of this residence.

Second Floor

The arrayed wooden texture and lines in this area will surely impressed the clients as well as his guest.

indoor bridge

Here is the amazing bridge that is confident to connect the every remarkable space in the house.

kitchen design

To minimize costs, a palette of 4 materials, 1 light fixture and standardized door and window sizes were used in the entire house.


The luxurious kitchen and living spaces of the house is displayed where you can directly see the beautiful landscape in the exterior through its glazed walls.


This bedroom utilized the plain palette as well as the furniture and the mattresses in the bed that highlighted the green panoramic view shown on the windows.

entry pathway

You will notice the simple entrance of this house that seems to invite you to see more of the interior.

Noyack Creek Residence

The vivid lights in the inside feature the high quality materials of the furniture and its distinct spaces.

Then, in lined with the guard rail of stainless steel cables recalling a fly loft and catwalk has the path that culminates in the master bedroom with its glazing wall. The windows in the entire house are sensitively placed to provide the maximum daylight and water views. While it makes sure that the privacy is maintained from the nearby neighbors and street. The siding system is manipulated for varying degrees of privacy as well. Embraces of skatelite, there is a natural resin panel simply used in skateboard ramps. The siding is water jet that acts with tight joint in areas that demands the privacy and loosely spaces in other areas to admit light and air. The texture and color of the siding is a reference a black box theatre, to keep the enough budget of the house.

Finally this house could be limit by it small site and the budget as well was elevated by its conception as a stage for memorable experiences. Well, then we can now consider that the design of this Noyack Creek Residence was creatively designed by the Bates Masi Architects . The demands of the clients as a stage actor as well as his limited budget in order to build the most modest home are achieved. With that the client can also sell the remaining portion of the lot he inherited to finance his artistic lifestyle. Now we hope that once again we gave you another idea on how to maximize your budget to achieve your future dream house. What do you think?