Exclusive and Sophisticated Style of the Villa Kiseleff in Romania

An elegant spot is very essential if you are wishing to have an exceptional and fashionable house. The exterior is the first part of the house that your guest sees when they visit you. That is why most of the homeowners specifically hired a landscape designer who will assure their house attractive exterior. Today we will be showing you a house that possesses a captivating outdoor experience.

This house is named as Villa Kiseleff which is specifically located in Bucharest, Romania. This contemporary villa’s story and execution are simple, a meeting, a life story, a companionship, but not just any kind of companionship. Moreover, the interiors were demolished with great care to the preservation of the overall spirit of the building. Scroll down and check the amazing areas of the house through the images below.

Romania See the well-trimmed landscape and plants in the exterior that effectively displays the exquisite outdoor areas.

Sophisticated Style Wooden materials combine with concrete and these green elements in the exterior provides a comfortable space in the house.

Villa Kiseleff Flawless and smooth texture underscores the comfort and elegance of this house building.

patio area Geometrical shapes and forms of the house building effectively displays the most simple but elegant house in the place.

street view trees Tall trees in the outside also help in maintaining the fresh and good looking garden in the house.

entry way Rough texture of the wooden elements in the wall contrasts with the smooth and white concrete wall here.

working area Lines and patterns seen from the walls and floors of the interior perfectly match with the qualities of the furniture.

wall art Let us see the butterfly picture in the painting that blended well with the wall and exclusive furniture.

luxurious office room Here’s the elegant and luxurious office room in the house that may provide comfortable place to work.

wooden pattern door See this wooden sculpture that highlighted the patterned doors and floors.

Dune Road Residence See this creative painting that complements with the decorations and furniture utilized here.

elegant room lighting You may see the different levels of the house structure as well as its stairs and the garden.

lawn area Astounding lights installed in the interior and exterior of this house mirrored the luxurious lifestyle of the family.

luxurious lighting A very creative and astounding design has been crafted in the wall of this interior.

Villa Kiseleff Green, pool lights and trimmed grasses complement with each other even at night in the exterior

As we have seen from the images above, we have noticed the site is found on a prestigious and extremely elegant particular spot. In fact the villa’s exterior design and interior decoration have been an integral and un-dissociated part of the architectural project. According to the DOOI Studio – dooistudio.com, this house project they realized the solutions and functions that may came about in a simple, natural manner, as the owner, sensible and respectful of the space, easily acknowledged the capacity of the pre-existing volume. We hope that we have once again share and inspire you some wonderful ideas that will make your house livelier and lovelier.