Modern House in Greenwich Replaces Old Forties Home

This home in Greenwich, Australia was built on a new 360 sq.m. home to replace the homeowners existing house from the forties. Orientation and layout of the house needed to follow a specific site based brief because the homeowners lived on the property. They made sure that the panoramic view of the bay will be retained from the balcony and the upper living areas of the house. The bedroom was located behind the streets. To connect the lower level to the upper level, a central stair was installed giving access to the family room with a large deck and garden.

This project integrated advanced systems for efficiency like a bespoke rainwater tank located below the deck, a solar evacuated tubing panel that provides heat water and a hydraulic in-slab heating and a landscaped roof seen above the ground level study. Speaking of the study room, it is also a home library that is filled with a lot of books! Let us take a short tour of the house below:

House in Greenwich

Concrete and wood combined were used for the exterior of the house.


A porch with glass railings is located outside the living area allowing the homeowners to get a good view of the bay.


The interior is being warmed with northern winter light that gets into the upper level highlight windows.


A study room and home library which is a perfect place for an alone time.


So many books to read! Book lovers surely dreamed to get a home library like this one.


The central stairs of the house has glass railings and wooden treads.


A simple bedroom with high ceilings and clerestory windows. The placement of the vertical storage area in the picture is indeed space-saving.


Light from the clerestory windows warm the home’s interior. You can see here the kitchen that also has a shelf for books in it. Guess the home library didn’t have enough space to hold all their books!


A simple bathroom with a shower glass enclosure. It is just white and clean.


The interior has that airy feel because of the high ceiling in it and the windows all around the house.

House in Greenwich

It uses windows with louvers and sliding glass to cover it. This provides ventilation for the house.


Wooden flooring is used to add a touch of nature to the home. You can also see here the balcony that gives them a perfect view of the bay.

House in Greenwich

One last look at the house which has a unique roofing design too.

Ground Floor

You can clearly see the central stairs here in the first floor of the house where the living areas are also located.

House in Greenwich

This is the ground floor plan of the house where you could see the bedrooms. This area is set back further from the boundary to benefit from the northern aspect.

A group of experts worked on this home- from the Volpatohatz SA architects to other engineering experts and design consultants. No wonder that the house design was done well despite its simple exterior design. The white exterior of the house and the geometric lines in it give it a modern look. If we talk about the interior of the house, it is indeed organized, neat and simply sophisticated!