Back Country Home: A Small Modern Residence in New Zealand

When one has a small lot, it doesn’t mean that they can no longer have a lovely home.

Well, a home’s beauty isn’t about size, right?

Of course not!

Even when you have a small lot and you’ll build a small house, it can still be called a home!

Think about this for a moment.

You really do not need a spacious home. Many families live in a small house but it has everything they need. Aside from that, what matters most is to have a happy family whatever is the size of your home.

Today, we are going to show you a small modern residence designed by LTD Architectural Design Studio. The house is located in Puhoi, which is about 50 km north of Auckland, New Zealand.

Let us take a look at how the architects designed this mall modern home:

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Designer: LTD Architectural Design Studio

Style: Modern

Number of Levels: Two-storey

Unique feature: A small home comprised of a single volume, complete with everything the family needs.

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Located on a secluded bush-clad site this house plays on the uniquely NZ typology of the back country hut. Aiming at simplicity it is comprised of a single volume for living/cooking/ eating and a lean-to annex housing the lower floor service/sleeping areas.

Auckland, New Zealand

The spaces are open and shared as opposed to enclosed and separate. The experience is one of enhanced connection with each other, and of an enhanced connection to the surrounding environment.

Back Country Home

Extensive use of locally sourced bandsawn macrocarpa inside and out, passive heating /ventilation and high performance insulation make the house of low impact environmentally.

Back Country Home living room

Just off the deck is the living room that opens on two sides. This allows the family to have an indoor / outdoor living experience. The living area opens fully on two sides, having the feel of an outdoor room, and the fire and baths located on the deck draw daily activities out of the house and into nature.

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Back Country Home bathtub

At the front of the house, there’s a deck with a board-formed concrete fireplace and sunken bathtubs, that overlooks the valley. When not in use, the sunken bathtubs have a cover that hides them from sight. This cover can also be propped up and used as an outdoor dining table, with people sitting directly on the deck with cushions and their feet in the empty tubs.

Back Country Home living

This shape-shifting room is adorned with a striking jade green drapery that allows the option of being an extension to the living room space or enclosed as a guest bedroom.

Back Country Home dining

Behind the living room is the kitchen and dining room. Minimalist white kitchen cabinets and dining chairs compliment the white walls. Next to the dining room is a sliding wall that opens to reveal the children’s open plan shared bedroom and play area, as well as access to another outdoor space.

Back Country Home bed

The mezzanine is home to a bedroom. Four skylights are positioned above the bed, which is partially suspended from the sloped ceiling. From behind the bed you can see the living room below. Opposite the bed is a simple two-person desk positioned beneath large black-framed windows to take advantage of the view.

Back Country Home mezzanine

The bedroom is actually a mezzanine and you can see the slope of the roof here which also has the windows. Also seen here are pendant lights and a swing chair.

Back Country Home dining

Beside the dining table is an outline of the stairs that feature hidden lighting that highlights the design of the stairs. Wood bookshelves run alongside the stairs that lead up to the mezzanine.

Back Country Home stairs side

You can get here a closer look of the staircase as well as the bookcase on the side. Isn’t this a good idea to use the wall space?

Back Country Home vanity

At the top of the stairs is a built-in closet and a small vanity area.

Back Country Home bathroom

The main bathroom for the house is located between the dining room and children’s bedroom. A simple color palette of wood and white has been used with a skylight adding natural light during the daytime.

Back Country Home material

Rough hewn natural materials tie the house effortlessly into its setting, while galvanised corrugated iron is used to strengthen the hut aesthetic.

LTD Architectural Design Studio designed this modern home. The mix of materials in this house looks nice which adds warmth to the home’s interior. The exterior has a gray wooden finish while the interior retained the natural wooden texture. If you want to live in a home that is cozy even with just a small floor area, then this design is a good inspiration for you. Can you tell me what features of the home do you like the most?