Dark Brick Courtyard House Features a Central Courtyard

Aside from the interesting facade, the house has much more great features to offer!

Did you ever desire to live in a house that connects to nature no matter how modern it looks?

We are pretty sure that everyone would like to live in a home where there are trees and a garden. Nothing beats being around nature especially if you work in the busy streets of the city. Seeing plants and trees a good way to relax our eyes and our mind.

So what is the solution?

For homes with small floor area, they add some plants in the interior. Others even create a mini interior garden by putting potted plants together in one area. Some prefer to use the balcony or terrace to add plants to their home. As a result, their balcony turns out really beautiful even if it is small like the inspiring list we featured before.

Is that all we can do?

Of course not! There are many different ways to do it. For homes that are blessed with a spacious lot, a courtyard is a perfect answer. Others allocate a big space for a yard so that they can include a pool, a gazebo, and other structures. But others only have a small courtyard which is actually enough to meet a homeowner’s need.

This is what we will see in the Courtyard House located in Australia. Obviously, it is named that way because of its courtyard. What is interesting about the house is that the structure wraps around the central courtyard. Yes, you got it right! The courtyard is located at the center of the house! Isn’t that impressive?

But aside from the courtyard, the interior of the home is very nice too. The living spaces event seamlessly connects to that courtyard making it possible to breathe fresh air and see the relaxing greens in the garden even when you are inside the home.

Want to see what we are talking about? Take a look below.

Location: Australia

Designer: FIGR. Architecture & Design

Style: Modern

Number of Levels: One-storey

Unique feature: The house made use of dark brick for its exterior but aside from that, it has a beautiful interior design and a central courtyard.

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Dark brown brick runs horizontally on the home adding appeal to the exterior. This house wraps around a central courtyard that brings nature into the home. The facade also looks nice with the plants in concrete planters. Even the step are sleek.

FIGR. Architecture & Design

Elongated brown brick is featured on both the exterior and throughout the interior of the home. It can even be seen in the entryway of the house. It is also interesting to note that the garage of this house can be accessed via a sloped surface.

Courtyard House interior

Seen here is the entryway which used bricks that are the same as the ones used in the exterior. Inside the home, you will notice that the interior is open to the landscaped courtyard located in the middle of the home. Because of this feature, the house has a true indoor and outdoor living environment.

Courtyard House

Isn’t this a nice interior? Timber batten ceiling contrasts with the white concrete flooring. These features keep the interiors light and airy including the slim design of the furniture in it. In order to define the large wall, it is painted black which adds more appeal to the space.

Courtyard House living room

You can get a good view of the large wall here which has a modern fireplace and a long floating shelf. There is also a large rug that defines the space.  Overall, the living area is very simple, unique and inviting.

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Courtyard House dining

Opposite the living room is the dining room and kitchen which you can see in the image above. Light wood dining table and chairs are a good choice since it compliments with the ceiling and it ties in with the kitchen. Like the living room, this one is also seamlessly connected to the central courtyard.

Courtyard House kitchen

In the kitchen, white cabinets are paired with a stone backsplash and countertop. The light wood island has space for seating and open shelving on one end. Another thing that makes this interesting is the skylight that brings more natural light into the space.

Courtyard House bath

Large dark tiles are featured in the bathroom which has been paired with small white tiles and touches of wood to create a contemporary look. This sure is something that most of us would like to have in a bathroom.

Courtyard House bedroom

The walls and flooring have been kept light in the bedroom. Dark gray upholstered headboard and the black lamp create a good contrast. Meanwhile,  the light wood nightstand ties in with the other wood elements in the home. It is also nice that throw pillows of different colors and shapes are added in the room.

Courtyard House courtyard

Isn’t it great to have a home like this wherein you can connect with nature anytime you want? Seeing the green ground covering makes us feel relaxed. It would also be a good spot to relax under the skies.

This house from FIGR. Architecture & Design is another inspiring modern home that has a unique facade. With an architecture like this, it sure is a head-turner for people who will pass by the home. But aside from the home’s exterior, its interior is equally impressive. It isn’t just the open layout that made it beautiful which results into a good flow of traffic inside but it also has some furniture and decors that make it look cozier and more inviting. Another positive thing about the home is the courtyard. Everyone wants to own a garden or a courtyard and this house managed to incorporate that to its design. How about you, can you tell me what you like most in this Courtyard House?