Stunning Design of the Dessert Courtyard House in Arizona

Have you ever imagined yourself living in a dessert and surrounded by different types and sizes of cactus? Do you think that you will achieve a comfortable and relaxing place in this kind of location? Definitely you may not be sure of your answer, right? Well, I will introduce to you a house design for today that may help you understand and may give you an exact answer whether it is comfortable or not to live in a dessert place. I am referring to a residence named Dessert Courtyard House specifically located in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Indeed, comfortable and secured place is one of the most important features that we may ask when starting to build our home. You will be amaze that despite of the dessert location in Arizona, you will experience a truly relief and relaxing place to live in. As you enter the house, you may witness the Zen Garden and the astounding landscape here. Let us scroll down the page and see more of the images of the different areas of this Dessert Courtyard House below.

Dessert Courtyard House See how these fascinating huge cacti enhance the gorgeous look of the exterior.

Stunning Design Who will not say that elegance and luxury is the best feature of this living space?

Arizona houses You may perceive the distinctive texture of the floor and walls in this entrance.

exterior geometric Fabulous geometrical figure of this house building is underline in this area.

stone walls Combination of bricks, woods, and glass is what this house building design makes it outstanding.

glass walls Impressive high quality and trendy furniture is well arranged in this living area.

fireplace These open sliding glass door is very effective to allow the client to see more of the exterior.

garden Great comfort and style is perfectly presented in this garden which underlines the branches of the trees.

glass floor Glazed walls in the house provide the homeowner to take the full advantage of the landscape and mountain views outside.

powder room White and smooth texture of the sink break the dark brown theme of the bathroom.

mosaic tiles Different moods and character are offered in the mosaic tiles used here.

outdoor fireplace Fire in the middle of the exterior is one of the best zones in the house which provides the relaxing mood.

outdoor design You may be delighted to see the horizon and the mountain views in the surrounding.

outdoor fireplace Fire and lights installed in the corners of the exterior keeps the great ambiance in the house.

Dessert Courtyard House Astounding design of the landscape as well as the garden unveil the comfort and contentment in the house.

With the help of the pictures above taken by Bill Timmerman, we have discovered a lot of advantage in choosing a dessert area as a location for your house. Now we may say that we may have to consider a lot of factors when starting to build our house. I am truly inspired of the crucial part of the cactus and the landscape in having a comfortable and relaxing place to live in. For me I may say that Wendell Burnette Architects successfully presented a house which I may consider as a haven that I may recommend to my friends and relatives, too. We hope that you have learned something new today.