The Surprising and Interesting Design of the Cobogo House in Brazil

There are really a lot of varying designs that architects come up with when we talk about home design. As a matter of fact, it really looks like they are getting better with creating house designs in today’s modern trend. They could come up with more unique homes which offers not just beauty but as well as functionality. Some modern homes also have a unique approach for the exterior and interior in which you will be surprised of what you will in the different areas of the house.

This is how the Cobogo House was treated. Outside, you’d be pleased of its yellow fence but once you get inside, you will get even more lovely surprises. This vibrant home is designed by Ney Lima located in Brasília, Brazil. It covers an area of 1,290 square feet which was utilized well for the house. And we will both agree with that once you will see the images of the house below.

Ney Lima

In this angle, the house looks like a mere cube. The yellow fence is stunning in yellow.

Brasília, Brazil

The house design used geometric lines nicely achieving a modern exterior.

Cobogo House

In the exterior, you will merely see yellows and whites- what a refreshing color combo!

garden design

The entry path towards the beautiful wooden main door seems to tell us that something great waits inside!

living room design

The living room is lovely with a wooden wall accent on one side with the television installed.

wooden accents

You can also see some wooden accents aside from that wall which gives the interior an organic touch.

wall art paintings

The gallery or the frames on the wall give the living room a personal touch. Its eclectic look allowed colors to play in the interior.

dining area

In this angle, you are seeing black from the lights and even to the island for the kitchen. But it isn’t just that.

kitchen design

Because aside from the black hues, you will be surprised of its colorful backsplash which is like a quilt.

tile patterns kitchen

The quilt like backsplash had a stunning combo of not just colors but also of patterns and styles.

dining set

From the dining area, you will see a glass door directly in front of it that leads to a garden.

floor plan

What you can see here is the ground floor plan emphasizing the yellow fence.

master bathroom plan

While this one is for the upper level showing the bedroom and a master bath.

cross section

A longitudinal cross section of the house revealing some of its rooms.

Cobogo House

And a transverse cross-section that included the pergola in the garden.

While the exterior of the house looks intriguing, it’s interior looks exciting! Hats off for Ney Lima – for his impressive design of this house. The fencing is a good idea. It shows us that you can always be creative even with the fence as it will give a different personal statement for your home. If you have a unique dwelling like this, your friends will not find it hard to look for your home!