Blue Lake Retreat: A Home Overlooking a Dreamy Lake in Texas

A beautiful transparent home with many interesting features overlooks a lake.

When you live near the waters, it would always be very fulfilling and will make your stay in your house even more relaxing. Being blessed with a good view of nature around your home is indeed something to treasure. You have seen homes like this that we have featured here on Home Design Lover and each one has a unique design but all of them are located in a place that is rich with the beauty of nature. Today, we are going to feature another home that sits in an area near a beautiful dreamy lake making it a romantic spot.

A home located near Marble Falls, Texas has a stunning water views. The design of the house is quite tall with living spaces located on the top floor and it is just situated above the tree line so they enjoy a nearly 180 degree view of the lake. This beautiful home called the Blue Lake Retreat is designed by Lake|Flato Architects featuring a large wall of windows, and a deck for relaxing on a summer’s day. The house looks transparent because of the glass windows around it. The design is also nice as it added some bridges where one can get a good view of the lake. Let us take a look at the house below.

Location: Texas

Designer: Lake|Flato Architects

Style: Modern

Number of Levels: Two storey

Unique feature: A house with a good view of the lake and the surrounding trees around it which will make the owners feel like they are on a holiday 24/7.

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Isn’t this a beautiful house? It sure is! Just look at its transparency that made it appear more gorgeous and inviting too. It is like you can really de-stress while in here because of its design. And it looks even nicer that it is located in an area with trees.

Lake|Flato Architects

From the balcony, one can get a good look of the lake and its lovely surroundings. You can also see in this image the variety of materials used for the house.

Blue Lake Retreat

You can see here a wooden bridge with a steel railing. This material is also used for the stairs of the house that leads to the different levels. Its design is also based on the steep of the hill where it is built on.

Blue Lake Retreat Design

This is an outdoor seating area of the house where the owners can entertain guests and visitors. From here, one can enjoy the views while having a chit chat.

Blue Lake Retreat interior

Floor to ceiling windows provide an abundance of natural light to the interior of the house wherein it has a shared area for the living, dining and kitchen. You can see how beautiful the interior is as it used a gray sofa with lovely printed throw pillows. And I also like the center table here and the white cubes that sits on top of a textured area rug.

Blue Lake Retreat living room

The living room is focused on the view and the fireplace that is finished in concrete. It is a nice idea to add an artwork just above the fireplace.

Blue Lake Retreat dining room

This is the dining room located behind the living area with a sculptural pendant lamp and white modern dining set. Seen beyond the dining room is the kitchen that used light wood same as what we can see in the cabinets on the other side.

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Blue Lake Retreat windows

Windows have been positioned strategically to frame the picture perfect views of the water while preparing food in the kitchen. It has wooden flooring on it and a white countertop to go with the wooden kitchen island.

Blue Lake Retreat bed

There are four separate bedroom retreats in the house that are located on the lower two levels of the home. The bed looks really comfy where different pillows are added. It also features an area rug with some interesting details on it.

Blue Lake Retreat bedroom

One of the other bedrooms features a small walkout balcony that faces the landscaping. It would be nice to stay in the area especially during the morning. You can also see here a lovely chair.

Blue Lake Retreat bathroom

This is the bathroom wherein a mirror slides out to cover the window. Good idea, right? And it is indeed nice to have a white bathroom that overlooks to a lovely view.

Blue Lake Retreat balcony

This is the small walkout balcony from one of the bedrooms. On the other side of the bedroom is a sliding door that also opens up to another balcony.

Blue Lake Retreat view

Just look at this amazing view. Isn’t this very beautiful? I would love to walk on that wooden bridge and sit on the edge of the deck while looking at the waters. That would be very relaxing and it is a good way to de-stress.

This is indeed a beautiful house and it does look really relaxing. I would love to live in a house like this especially that its location is nice with a good view of the lake. This house is designed by Lake|Flato Architects and the way we see it, the designers really did an amazing job to it. Aside from the views and the beautiful architecture of the house,