Multiple Visual Connections in the Northwest Harbour House in New York

In designing our future house, we ideally visualize the connections of the environment to the exterior and interior of our house. We are always considering that we can find peace and serenity even in the outdoor areas of our house. Now we will share to you a house design that allows the multiple visual connections to the landscape from the exterior. The interior of the house has an open layout where the client can enjoy the real sense of peace and comforting zones.

This house is well known as the Northwest Harbour House. This was designed for a single family home which is located in East Hampton, New York. This has a basic massing is predetermined, limited to a one storey, 1,900 square foot design. It is raised eight feet above the ground. The amazing spaces here are arranged, articulated and fenestrated which is based on an innovative structural system. Let us see more of the different amazing features of this Northwest Harbour House in New York through the selected images below.

Northwest Harbour House Wood and glass elements utilized in the house building complements with the natural beauty of the surroundings.

Multiple Visual Connections Looking closely at the wooden post and walls, you may see how the rough texture and wooden pattern expose its natural elegance.

New York The stones in the ground complements with the incredible landscape in the exterior.

wood plank exterior Horizontal lines seen from the wooden ceilings and walls create movement and dimensions that improves the look of the exterior.

living room In the interior, the designer maintains the combination of textures and lines that explains the real sense of contemporary concept.

sliding glazed wall Sliding glazed wall and doors open the interior to maximize the sustainable lights in the morning.

luxurious furnitures Luxurious furniture shows durability and artistic theme demanded by the client.

living room set Wooden table set at the heart of the living space enhance its fascinating and fashionable look.

terrace area At the terrace, the designer secures a certain space for the family to gather and enjoy the heat of the sun in this table set best for summer.

dining set Enclosed in a glassed frame room is a trendy and durable dining table set for six people are arranged perfectly in this open dining space.

wood dining table Let us carefully see how the warm colours of the carpet, chairs and ceilings perfectly match to come up with a comfortable dining space in the house.

kitchen island Spacious kitchen area is well presented in this side where the built-in sink in this wooden table secures a hygienic and neat space.

interior design As you enter the interior, you will notice the volume and geometrical figures of the furniture.

bathroom sink This warm and cosy bathroom also utilized the most modern and stylish fixtures.

Northwest Harbour House The ground space is maximized for a parking and storage space in the house to minimize the footprints in the location.

As we have witnessed the different areas of the house, we can say that the Bates Masi + Architects presented an innovative structural system that pervades the interior of the house of the natural light and circulating air. The house design also involves the sense of sustainability as its projecting piles serves as supports for the photovoltaic that power the geothermal pumps, utilizing the abundance of high ground water to provide heat and cooling experience in the house. We hope that you find more ways and ideas to ensure sustainability in your future house through the house design of today.