The Undulating Shapes of Andrew Road House in Singapore

Many wonderful homes were successfully built on uneven terrains or even on sloping hills. This shows us that the topography of the land will never be a hindrance to get a stunning house design with well-distributed functions in the interior. This is what we are about to see in the Andrew Road House located in the Caldecott region of central Singapore. This modern house sits on an undulating terrain creating a street-scape wherein the plots of land are about a story below the street level. With that, every home located along the street are entered through the second floor. Interesting, right?

Despite this challenge, the architects “took advantage of the unusual situation by lowering most of the communal facilities down into a sunken court that shields them from the noise of the highway“. Doing this increased privacy in the area. Surging roofs added an interesting look to the house with its spectacular shapes showing different perspectives of the home. There are many interesting features of the house and we will see that through the images below:


It is indeed amazing how homes can look gorgeous and dramatic merely by adding lights indoors and outdoors.

Andrew Road House

The undulating design of roofs in the house are one of its assets.

A D Lab

You can see the geometric design of the house including the glass walls in it. Evident here are the plants that adds the touch of nature into the home.


Glass railings are used for this area but aside from it, we can also see the shape of this building that is totally stunning.


Despite its being modern in style, the house is enveloped with nature’s beauty.


Relaxation will surely be achieved once you have a pool area like this.


The courtyard is a beautiful spot where the homeowners can get a good glimpse of heaven.


We love how the house was designed with different geometric lines and shapes seen in this shot from the home’s structure to the pool area.

 Swimming Pool

Another look at the home’s pool area revealing a beauty taken from its blue pool flooring.


Pendant lights in a stunning design adds life to this space that has a bold red lounge.


Dark gray dining set in a dining area with a wall that is well designed.


What you see from the wall above is actually extended in the kitchen’s island.


The bathroom is also modern in style with black flooring and white fixtures.

 Floor Plan

First floor plan of the house showing us the public areas of the house.

 Floor Plan

This is the second floor of the house revealing the private spaces.

Andrew Road House

Even the attic is well-planned as seen in this drawing.

The interior of the house greets guests with elegance in its bright and modern spaces. All areas of house are connected to a central courtyard which is a perfect spot for the owner’s relaxation. The house also boasts its pool which cool down the atmosphere of the home as well as provide a stunning view of the exterior. This lovely modern residence is designed by A D Lab and we are sure you are very much impressed with the output you have seen above.