Captivating Plettenberg Bay Views in the Harker Street House in South Africa

We always want to have a house near the beach because we believe that the oceanic views as well as the sound of the splash of the water influence much on the convenience and comfort of the area. We consider that this kind of place will be the best zone for us to release our stress and refresh from the busy life in whatever work we are in. Today, I will be sharing to you a house design spotted near the beach area. The homeowner chose to have a beach house in the Plettenberg Bay, South Africa named the Harker Street House.

What is special about this house when we compare to others is that there are variety of zones that can be enjoyed by the homeowner such as the swimming pool, braai area, pergolas and terrace which is the best place for entertaining their friends and family as well. Also the ground floor of this house is the areas where the garages, staff quarters are located. Let us explore the different amazing and quiet zones of this Harker Street House through the images below.

Harket St House The different levels of the house are carefully shown from its geometrical figures and elements used by the designer from its front area.

Plettenberg Bay Views Floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors in the living room provide a greater opportunity for the client to take the full advantage of the Plettenberg Bay views.

South Africa houses Aside from the oceanic views in the exterior, the designer set the most luxurious and modern furniture in the living room which made this more adorable.

Harket Street House Wooden and white palette in the kitchen simply jives with the grey stone floor that highlighted its modern concept.

interior design This area may certainly provide the comfort and great style in the house.

staircase The LED lights effectively stressed the luxury and charm of the stairs and its unique style.

wooden stairs The designer also installed lights even in the sides of this wooden staircase which emphasize its contemporary theme.

bedroom Even in the bedroom, the sliding glass door let the client see the sunset.

bathroom The flawless texture of the fixture shows contrast to the grey stone wall and floors of the bathroom.

natural lighting The sustainable light are welcome in the interior that will help the client minimize its use of energy.

swimming pool A rectangular swimming pool in the exterior is accessible from the living space to let the client feel the comfort and peaceful area in the house.

pool side The sustainable light can make this water in the pool warm and charming.

interior lighting At night, the serenity and tranquility of the area is the most effective way to let the client achieve the stress-free zone in the house.

open dining area A dining and kitchen area is also open for the homeowner and his friends to experience the great ambiance and stunning views in the surrounding.

kitchen lighting The vibrant lights in the living space as well as in the pool area made this exterior fashionable and captivating.

interior lighting We can never deny the significant role of the stone, wood and glass elements used in the house building that made this look modern.

Harket St House Elegance and charm are also underlined in the garage and front area of the house especially at night.

As we can see from the images above, this really unveils the different amazing and comfortable areas in the house and it also emphasize the green system that the designer utilized to make this more convenient. Some of the sustainable features that I like are the rainwater harvesting and photovoltaic panels with batteries. The – Greg Wright Architects also provided a strong connection between the interior and the exterior that made this stand out among the other houses in the neighborhood. We hope that we have inspired you in considering the same features above that you may use in your future house.