Villa R: Uniquely Designed Hovering House Building in Denmark

A modern house where the owners can take advantage of the changing seasons and its natural surrounding.

What are the common elements and features that we often see in a modern house of today? Do you have any idea on what and how they come up with a certain criteria or standards in building a modern house? Well we can never deny the fact that we always see how the skilled designers and brilliant architects embrace the concept of modern architecture of today. We can see how different designers and architects unite to be able to present the modern art and technology in every house project for their respective clients. Clients on the other hand, also requested to involve the presence of the natural elements available in their chosen location. That is why natural elements are always in the list of requirements of the clients submitted to their trusted designers.

Today we will explore another modern house designed and graced its natural features inspired by the chosen location of the client. This house is named as Villa R and it is situated specifically in a forest edge in Aarhus. Villa R is positioned as close to the trees as possible. According to the designer, the main objective in building this house was to create a house that may take the forest inside with the help of the large glass panels – and make an ever changing seasonal backdrop for the interior living spaces. Imagine that you have this kind of house where you can take the full advantage of changing seasons of the nature that you may certainly witness every now and then for your designer utilized the glass walls in the house building. We are pretty sure that you are so excited to see the different amazing designs of the different areas of this Villa R, you may scroll down the page and enjoy the set of images below.

Location: Aarhus, Denmark

Designer: C.F. Møller Architects

Style: Modern

Number of Levels: Two-story

Unique feature: The house design can expose its unique features through its upper level. It is covered with dark patinated zinc and it seems like floating above its base. This composed of the living rooms with multiple aspects as it face the forest and the treetops on one side. This can also receive enough sunlight and it has an access to a raised south-facing wooden terrace with sitting steps.

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Let us take a glance at the meticulous shapes and textures in the front and entrance area of the house. The geometrical forms of the house building also highlighted the tall trees and gorgeous landscape here.

Exterior Sustainable lights can easily access the interiors of the house for the glassed walls used here. Also we can see how the designer creates a balance between the rough and smooth texture of the house building.

Villa R House Building Tall trees and green plants that surrounded this modern villa can effectively underline the real sense of comfort and the concept of sustainability.

Terrace You can see now how the designer impressively used the glassed frames in the terrace and how it creates balance with the wooden and concrete materials here.

Fireplace Despite its modern and trendy theme in the interior, the designer successfully installed a fireplace. This will certainly connect the interior to the exterior’s available resources.

Interior design A look at the amazing and sustainable lights in the interiors. The type of the furniture and accessories are improved with the exceptional participation of the sunlight in the interior.

Kitchen design Remarkable patterns found in the walls, floors and ceiling in the kitchen and dining space complements with the warm colors of the furniture here.

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Dining Room Curves and the combination of the rough and smooth texture found in the dining set and lamps hanged here can add comfort and great style.

Bathroom Great combination of dark and bright color of the fixtures found in this bathroom can highly underlines its comfort and charm.

Fixture Installed LED lights in the sides of this large mirror in the powder area can effectively create a very captivating picture of a luxurious bathroom.

Bedroom Warm colors of beige and white can simply speak of comfort and relaxing space in this bedroom. See how the designer minimize the use of so furniture in every part of this space.

Exterior at Night The patio area captures the beauty of the nature through the landscape and plants surrounded the house. The lines and edges of the house is carefully observed in the house building here.

Garage Fashionable and artistic patterns in the concreted floors in this entrance and garage space can also provide a very warm and inviting zone in the exterior.

Entrance At night, the LED lights installed in the interior and other parts of the exterior can effectively provide the luxurious theme and elegance.

BergDesign Architecture See how the design of this building seems like floating in the air for its unique house building. The upper level can take the full advantage of the nature in the location.

This house project aims to create a child-friendly house for each zone in the interior and exterior have suited areas for playing. This combines the challenges inherent in local regulations. This villa could only be one storey tall and had to occupy less than 20 percent of the site area. So the architects realized that this will be solved through partially underground parterre floor which acts as the house building’s base together with the children’s rooms, playrooms and an easy access to the outdoor patio. The C.F. Møller Architects’ idea of utilizing the upper level of the house which is covered with dark patinated zinc that is seemingly perched above this base, is amazing. The living rooms with multiple aspects, facing the forest and treetops on its side can successfully access to the natural lights and the panoramic views as well. We hope that we have shared another set of ideas that will inspire you to meticulously choose the best house design for your chosen place.