Enchanting and Artistic Style of the Rebberg Dielsdorf House in Zurich, Switzerland

We always have a heart for those houses that is located in a cool place and mountains. For we believe that it’s not just the mountain views and the natural features that will offer us a relaxing feeling and but also the idea of the contemporary house designs that we can have. Today we will show you a house design in Zurich, Switzerland. This is actually a new house designed on a small steep lot.

According to the Landscape Gardener Nils Lüpke and the vetschpartner Landscape Gardeners, the surrounding landscape of fields, hedges and fruit trees are pictorially integrated in the composition and are seamlessly guided into the garden. We can see the splendid cherry trees reach with their branches near to the house and it even take effect in the living room. Let us explore the different stunning areas of the house through the images below.

Rebberg Dielsdorf House Modern and artistic design is well displayed from the garage and entrance of the house.

Zurich Switzerland The glazed walls of the building may certainly underline the modern and luxurious design of the house.

Artistic Style house Well-groomed landscape not just adds elegance to the house but also underscore the importance of nature.

abstract exterior design We can definitely see the unique forms and shapes of the windows and walls of the building that complements with the designed landscape.

abstract outdoor pavement See the stepping stones made from the left over concrete from the house.

stepping stones Take a glance at these stepping stones that seems it floats all over the exterior of the house.

pink palette room Pink palette applied in the interior also blends well with the grey stone walls and floors.

glass wall Glassed walls provide a high opportunity for the client to enjoy the beautiful scenes outside.

photo frame walls Wall art also speaks of elegance and charm in the house as it complements with the chandeliers.

concrete design Built-in shelves for the client’s books also add attraction in this area.

pink kitchen Pink tables and cabinets set in the kitchen also show feminism and charm that may also fascinates the guest of the client.

colorful couch set Colorful seats arranged in the living space also add attractions to the interior.

full height glass wall From the second level of the house, the client may also take the full advantage of the arts and modern designs in the living space.

violet couch Who will say that the real comfort and a relaxing space in the interior may not experience here?

violet sink Purple cabinet with the black wash basin in this area also highlighted another charming detail of the interior.

violet cabinet The purple color extremely complements with the grey palette of the floors and ceilings.

bedroom bathtub Grey colored bed mattress blended well with the grey curtain and black tub set in this bedroom.

bedroom lighting Here’s the extravagant chandelier hanged in this bedroom that stunningly underlines its charm and luxurious style.

night house light When the night comes, the lighting system utilized in the interior creates a very stunning look.

Rebberg Dielsdorf House Different angles and dimensions is highlighted in this house building even at night.

As we have seen the different extra ordinary zones of the house through the above images, I was totally amazed of how the L3P Architekten as well as his team incorporated natural beauty of the surroundings and the durable and contemporary features that made this house stand out among the others. Personally I am captivated by their works on the vineyard slope that copies the logic of a vine: a supporting middle wall, platforms and non-bearing windows follow the structure of the stem, the trunk and the hanging fruit. We hope that you like our featured house for today and you may apply some of its features to enhance the look of your houses.