Surprising Zinc Cladded Leaning House in South Korea

A house is designed depending on the function that the owners want or also of the kind of location. As a matter of fact the positioning of windows matter a lot in terms of the location because of where the sun my set and rise. Even the wind direction has to be considered too. That is why, one has to carefully look into the location of a home before designing it. We can see that on how the Leaning House was designed.

Aside from the zinc cladding, the Leaning House has a slanted shaped which is the solution for both the southern sunlight and the view towards the lake from the house. The 127 square meters house is located in South Korea overlooking the Chungpyong Lake. it as an open floor plan and has more rooms too. The living space is found downstairs that is exposed to sunlight while the private rooms are found upstairs. Join us to a brief virtual tour of the house.

First glance at the house will make you wonder if the people inside it could stand properly or are sliding down. Lol.

Praud But of course, they could stand still. It is just the exterior that is designed that way. It has a balcony where the owners can get a good view of the surrounding.

South Korea The house has lovely lights too that peeps out of the windows.

Leaning House It is well ventilated and is also inclined to nature.

exterior abstract design The lower level has glass around them while the upper area has zinc cladding.

deck area Wood is used for the home’s flooring in the lower level.

glass wall You can see the living room, dining room as well as the stairs that leads to the upper area too.

dining area You can find a white kitchen in the open layout of the lower area.

open hallway It has an airy and open layout that made it cozy to live in with a good view of the environment.

staircase From the dining and kitchen, one can access a wooden staircase that leads to the private spaces.

wood floor tiles I like the idea of adding shelves in the hallway of the second level.

bedroom Guess this one is a bedroom but I wonder where the bed is.

courtyard wooden deck From the living room, one can access the courtyard with wooden deck.

terrace This is how the balcony looks like with wooden flooring and steel railings.

lawn area From afar, the house is really a unique structure and is something you want to take a closer look.

exterior pattern Its zinc cladding is one of the amazing features as well as how the windows are positioned.

Leaning House The house is located in an area with plants, trees and everything that you love about nature.

Architects Dongwoo Yim and Rafael Luna of Praud did an awesome job to this unique modern dwelling. Who would have thought that a leaning house is possible? Well, if you study it well and you are that determined to work on a house design that is different and challenging, then you could surely come up with a beautiful and successful design just like the Leaning House. Amazing, right?