A Compact Mobile Home and Office Called #dojowheels

Check out this little camper trailer that could transform from an office to a home!

I know you have seen many mobile homes already and of course these would have small spaces but are very functional. I am impressed of how some homes, office spaces or workshops are designed because even if the space is only small, they could still provide many usage and functions that are practical and necessary for the occupants and owners of the areas. There are many ways to design a small mobile home. Others would look for old bus or even a camper trailer just like what we will see today. Yes, anything on wheels that has enough area to move inside would be a good choice for a mobile dwelling.

A small camper that is designed by a Belgium-based studio FIVE AM, showcase impressive usage of small space. The small camper is called #dojowheels which can be a good area to rest or even work. It was transformed to a compact mobile office and dwelling that features furniture that can easily be changed from a working office area, to a sofa, and to a bed. Within a camper trailer, this “dojo” reflects the idea of working together. Because of its modular design, it lets you change the setup very quickly which makes the small space more functional. According to the designer, the #dojowheels is defined as “a mobile training facility or dojo, which is a perfect reflection of our vision on working (together).” Let us take a look at the #dojowheels below.

Designer: FIVE AM

Style: Modern

Type of Space: Mobile Home

Unique feature: A small camper trailer was turned into a home and an office which features transforming furniture that turns the area from an office to a sleeping space.

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At first glance, you will not think that this is just an ordinary trailer that can be used to go places but what you do not know is that it can be used for other more useful purposes. It actually answers the need for convenience of those who work in an office.


With this camper trailer, instead of commuting to the office, one can actually take the office anywhere they want and even conduct meeting inside. For sure, other people will be impressed with what they can see inside.


It has a pop-up table that lets you access a storage underneath it. Aside from that, it can also give your legs a place to rest when you’re working. Isn’t that amazing?

#dojowheels pop-up table

The pop-up table can be kept this way as it levels to the floor. You can still see the sofa here as well as some shelves and holders attached to its white walls.

#dojowheels bed

When the table is down, the cushion could slide out so it can turn into a bed. Yes, once they are tired of working, it is easy to take a rest and get some sleep on a comfy cushion.

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#dojowheels table

You see, the table is very useful because it has many functions from being a storage area to a furniture that can be used both for work and entertainment. The camper also features windows all around it adding light to the interior. With this small space, it is indeed important to provide ample lighting inside it.

#dojowheels window

Aside from the windows around it, there is also a window which acts as a skylight on the trailer. This is the other side of the trailer where you can see more storage spaces on the walls. This way, it is easy to store items from pens to books.

#dojowheels light

On the wall, it isn’t just shelves that are seen on it. There are also built-in lights on it too. Notice how the ceiling is lighted to illuminate the area. The use of wood and white is also a good feature as it gives a neat and warm combination.

#dojowheels design

And here is a look of the camper from the exterior to the interior. You can clearly see here how the table and the sofa can be transformed for various usage. I am sure that anyone would love to own a space like this.

Impressive, right? It sure is! I have seen some celebrities who owns a bus and turned it into a space they can use to rest, work and do other things even while travelling. This would be very convenient for sure. This mobile camper trailer is designed by FIVE AM, who was able to make use of the little space very well. Indeed, there are smart ways to utilize an area no matter what is the size as long as you are creative and you bear in mind the usage and purpose of why you have decided to create one. This way, you would surely be able to come up with a design that fits your needs and wants.