Fabulous and Lavish Exterior and Interior in the House Sar in South Africa

We may observe that most of the ideal modern houses of today composed of luxurious swimming pool and vibrant lights installed in the entire house. Another is clients normally request for an open plan and free-flowing layout. The most attractive structural features that we believe may provide comfort is observed and ensured in the contemporary house design that we ideally wish to have. Today, we will be sharing to you a house design that may display the amazing and relaxing features that many of us longed to have.

This house is named as the House Sar specifically located in Johannesburg, South Africa. The client of this house demanded for a modest single storey pitched roof house that will provide them comfort. Vibrant lights were installed all over the house and the designer made use of an open plan layout that may allow the client to take the full advantage of the house exterior and interiors as well. Let us explore more of the different luxurious areas of the house through the images below.

House Sar Contemporary design of the house is clearly seen from its materials and lighting system in the exterior.

Lavish Exterior design Geometric forms of the house building is highlighted for its wooden and concrete elements used here.

South Africa Here is one of the most comfortable zones in the house where the homeowners can sit down and feel the free access to sunlight during daytime.

Fabulous interior design Forms and shapes of the furniture underline its incredible function in the living space.

living room See how the designer secures the important areas in the living space for the homeowner to easily access it in the interior.

living room lighting At night time, the living space is highlighted with its amazing accessories and furniture that highly speaks of comfort and charm.

dining table Here’s the simple but still astounding dining space in the house with its simple dining set.

kitchen island Stainless materials and trendy fixtures displayed in the kitchen area stressed the modern concept in the house.

bedroom Spacious area in the bedroom may certainly provide not just comfort but also elegance.

bedroom side table Lighting system is also essential to make this bedroom luxurious.

purple bed Purple pillows stand out in the white and smooth bed in this modern themed bedroom.

boy bedroom Cars bed is suited for a boy’s room like this that will attract the kid to stay and relax in this bedroom.

bathroom sink Even in the bathroom, the forms and geometrical shape is utilized for its sink and mirror that stressed its incredible functions.

bathroom design Latest and neat fixtures are utilized in this bathroom to maintain its flawless and modern concept.

toilet shower design Separate space for shower area and toilet is carefully maintained in this large bathroom.

lawn area At night, the expensive and astounding designs of the furniture as well as the other decorations stand out in the living space.

swimming pool Artificial waterfall in the swimming pool added luxury and elegance in the garden.

House Sar At night, the water in the pool area always speaks of serenity and tranquility in the garden.

As we have seen the above images, the Nico van der Meulen Architects successfully ensured that every room in the house would have a proper lighting system and the client may experience the natural ventilation. This will also help them achieve the sustainable features that they want. What attracted me most among the house features is the luxurious swimming pool with its artificial waterfall system. The lighting installed in the swimming pool made this stand out in the exterior during night time. We hope that you also find some helpful features that will improve your house design in the future.