20 Backyard Lighting Ideas You Can Do For Your Homes

Get some amazing ideas on how to light up your backyard and turn it into a paradise during the night!

Wouldn’t it be great if you have an open space at home?

For people who are living in the city, maybe in a condo or an apartment building, having a backyard is not nearly as possible to have – so, whether it is not considered as a backyard, decks and patios could sometimes be the next best thing because of it being an open space.

Think about this for a moment.

You and your significant other in the backyard eating dinner under the sky or you and your family members coming together to have a decent meal after being away from each other for a very long time. Having a wonderful lighting design in your backyard could really make a great difference in the aura and feel of your backyard. Below is a list of backyard lighting ideas that you could use for your own homes and I think that you’d really love the choices that we have picked out for you to check out!

1. Irvine Cove

Irvine Cove


Aside from the awesome color palette that this space has, the sconces on the side of the house above the sofas and the lighting above the dining table sure looks perfect and calming – ambient lighting sure does not make your eye twitch every time you look straight to it.

2. Monte Parnaso

Monte Parnaso


I totally love these chairs – there was a time when we featured this design in one of our lists about awesome outdoor chairs. The colors are simple, yes, but then it blends well with the wall covered in grass. The lights in here are common, but then it looks magical.

3. Northbridge

Northbridge Home


This outdoor space does not have enough seating but the lighting in the entire space is just wonderful to look at. The floor work done in here is aesthetically pleasing and I’m pretty sure that people would love to hang out in here.

4. Tropical Belgium

Tropical Belgium


The bean bags used in here looks really comfortable and fun to just hang out in. Being in the outdoors but at home at the same time is just so comfortable, I don’t think you’d ever want to leave this place.

5. Spitalfields

Terrace Spitalfields


Now this is one dramatic venue for a candlelight dinner or an outdoor date with your significant other. The wooden furniture and set up is just romantic and somehow something you wouldn’t expect in a house of some sort – this sure belongs to a restaurant or a hotel.

6. The Colony House

The Colony


The fire pit in the middle of the platform sure is a pleasure to look at. It is just across a lovely wall feature which is a metallic piece of decor that accentuates the place. Enough seating is added for small groups for drinks or game nights.

7. Boise Residence

Boise Residence


This beautiful backyard is adorned with light bulbs that add a little drama around the lawn. The industrial lamp above the dining table allows the people eating to have enough lighting to be able to see what they are actually eating!

8. Hollywood Hills

Hollywood Hills


Backyard lighting could really be tricky, but once it is done right, you’ll have one space like this one which is neat and great to look at and very functional.

9. Huf House Garden

Dulwich 10


A wonderful backyard with an elevated platform where seating was added to be able to accommodate people during family events or gatherings! The lighting in this area is quite wonderful – simple and very functional.

10. South Pasadena

South Pasadena

South Pasadena

We see lamps scattered in the area and a few light bulbs up in the tree – enough to light the dining area outside the house. The large flower pots and lamp combination is actually a nice touch.

11. Castro Street Residence

Castro Street

Photo: nnarchitecture.com

A functioning outdoor fireplace is just what you need in those cold nights that you just want to spend outdoors. A seating as comfortable as this sure needs a canopy of some sort to protect them but outdoor furniture is created to be weather-resistant as well.

12. Slaughter Residence

Slaughter Residence


This place sure looks great for parties and outdoor activities – the lighting is quite romantic and pretty neat for romantic events like weddings or birthdays. The lighting is simple but really fancy!

13. Healdsburg Residence

Healdsburg Residence


Using light bulbs for the outdoors is kind of neat – simple but really efficient. It’s functional and gets the work done – lighting the place at and beautifying it at the same time.

14. St. Helena

St Helena


Oh! The fire pit is just adorable! Its warm color just makes this backyard more romantic and pleasing to the eyes. Warm lighting is ideal for accentuating the plants and the place because it sort of sets up a tone of calm and rest than if white light is actually used.

15. Taconic Retreat

Taconic Retreat


From this angle, you can tell that there is at least one or more hole in this backyard that is lighted like these two circular holes/planters. It’s a nice way of showcasing your plants and at the same time making your backyard actually stand out!

16. Tesvikiye House

Tesvikiye House

Ana Sayfa

I don’t think white furniture is best for the outdoors, but if the material is somehow weather resistant or something – it could possibly work. The pit in the middle serves as the lighting that this space needs during the night aside from the lighting by the plants.

17. Las Alturas

Las Alturas

1 nsds.squarespace.com

This is one beautiful outdoor space! A small fire pit by the wall and light bulbs attached to the tree and connected to the side of the house is both functional and pretty.

18. Townsend

Townsend Backyard


Trellises are magical – adding the right amount of lighting and furniture will surely add more beauty to it and the entire space. Trellises and pergolas are some of the additions I love seeing in houses. Don’t you agree?

19. Sockol Residence

Sockol Residence


Totally romantic, totally awestruck! This outdoor space is beyond words – the lighting is nicely done and the platform created for this area is just fantastic. I totally love it!

20. Timbertech New York

Timbertech Legacy


Basically a patio, this area has an awesome setup – from the furniture arrangement to the lighting added to the posts and even on the steps and the flooring is just wonderfully done. This is pleasing to the eyes and it sure does well too for the pictures which would be taken while you are in here.

If this list of 20 Backyard Lighting Ideas You Can Do For Your Homes is something that interests you, I think that you’d like the 20 Easy DIY Outdoor Lightings to Illuminate Your Yard too! Both these lists have amazing ideas which you can actually use for your own homes! The spaces are wonderfully created to fit the needs of the clients and the viewers like you and me.