Exude a Fresh Aura in Your Homes with 20 Green Living Walls

If we like having plants in the interior and if we want to achieve a stunning and relaxing landscape, then we will never say no to a green living wall. Adding one to our courtyard or even to our interiors bring in a different level of freshness to our homes. Merely looking at it will make us feel that we are close to nature even when we are in an urban setting.

It is just so relaxing if greens are set before our eyes.

Vertical gardening had been famous for long time and it had gone far in terms of design and aesthetics. Some may settle to merely letting vines crawl into the walls. But that isn’t actually enough.

Many stunning and creative green walls have emerged turning them into living sculptures by mixing a different variety of plants. I was so excited when I made this list because it is my dream to have my own living wall! Now let us check some homes that were blessed to have one.

1. GSky Green Wall Brooks Sports

Green Living Walls

Gordon Stein

This green wall is comprised of 506 plants with an area of 100 sq. ft. This adds a fresh look to the interior.

2. Green Walls

decorative planters

Graham Stanley and Associates, Inc.

This 8′ by 6′ finished green wall is comprised of decorative planters and complementary plant material.

3. Vertical Gardening

Ipe wood fence

Singing Gardens

A good idea for fencing! The Ipe wood fence is already a stunner but putting wall plants in between them made it look even more gorgeous!

4. Living Walls

wall garden

Urban Landscape

You can also have a beautiful design for your green wall just like what you can see here! Absolutely stunning!

5. Living Walls

wall plant art

Urban Landscape

Urban Landscape did it again with this beautiful wall comprised of different plants.

6. Green Walls

wooden wall

Graham Stanley and Associates, Inc.

Put a green wall in the center of a wooden wall and the result is lovely!

7. Honda


Azuma Makoto

Anyone would love to have this in their home, even for the bathroom and bedroom!

8. Cottage Update

fence hedge

Shades Of Green Landscape Architecture

This fence could be a DIY with a plant of walls to add more grace to it.

9. Rakshak House

wall plants

Artistic Design Works

These plants on the wall really look comfortable with the stones around it.

10. Lush Modern Entry

verdant green wall

Kym Rodger Design

I want this entry design! It has an exotic and organic feel as that verdant green wall add a refreshing look to the place.

11. Casa CorManca

Green Living Walls


If I had a terrace like this, I would spend most of my time in here.

12. A Sacred Space to Bathe

various wall plants

Siol Studios

The wall “holds a lush assortment of herbs, geraniums and mosses. A watering system trickles down the wall to keep the fragrant bursts of mint and lavender fresh.”

13. Toto・YKK AP

bathroom wall planters

Azuma Makoto

This one is for the bathroom too. Its walls are all covered with plants!

14. Seasons Living Wall Beverly Hills

green stripes

Seasons Landscaping

Plants of the same types are grouped together and they look like a green stripes on the wall!

15. Living Walls

swirl design

Urban Landscape

A beautiful swirl charms this wall that also used a variety of plants on it.

16. Urban Jungle

urban design

Azuma Makoto

This is what we call the Urban Jungle- a mix of urban design and jungle plant life!

17. GSky Green Wall Retreat Orlando Apartment

wall plant artwork


A 140 sq.ft. wall with 693 potted plants on it. Top-notch interior indeed!

18. Green Street

mahogany deck stair

Daedalus Design Build

The look of this green wall matches with the mahogany deck stair.

19. Melbourne Modern Courtyard

vertical garden

Phillip Withers Landscape Design

Aside from the screens, adding a vertical garden will also give your space more privacy and of course, beauty.

20. Florafelt

Green Living Walls

Plants on Walls

The Florafelt is actually a product that holds the plants on the wall.

Wow! I always wanted to create this list but I just remembered doing it now. And I did not regret that I did because the images above are really stunning! I wonder how a vertical living wall is done. I want to learn how! But if you are not into these green walls (which I think isn’t possible), try other ways of using plants for your home’s landscaping. You will also be pleased with the result!