15 Designs of Pergolas to Shade Seating Areas

Many homes have yards and gardens that are left open. Some may do it that way to achieve a relaxing feel but do you know that there is another good way to enhance your yard’s look while retaining its tranquility? Well, sure there is! Aside from filling it with beautiful plants and other features, you can also place a structure.

A pergola can add drama and appeal to your yard. Aside from that, it can also be a great place to stay especially when you are fond of relaxing outside with the fresh cold breeze and the bird’s singing around you.

A pergola or arbor is a garden feature that provides shade to a walkway, passageway, or seating area. It uses vertical posts that support cross-beams on top of it. Most of the time, vines are trained on it, making it look even more beautiful.

These days, there are different designs of pergola especially that usage of new materials are also emerging. So, aside from seeing wooden pergolas, you’ll also get to see vinyl, aluminum and others as materials in its construction. Let us take a look at the different designs of pergolas that shade seating areas. Start here now:

Great Room Dining

pergola seating area

This sure is a romantic place to stay especially when you get to have a dinner under the moon.

Ultimate Man Cave and Sports Car Showcase

pergola garage


Outside the ultimate man cave and sports car garage is this pergola. The place is indeed a paradise for wherever you go, you’ll see splendid beauty.

Patio Pergola


A pergola is not just a separate structure but it can also be connected to the house for a patio. This is such a great place to relax in.

Tuscany Pergola

detailed carved concrete

Hurricane Fence New Orleans

With detailed carved concrete for the pillars and wooden trellis, this pergola is a perfect romantic place.

Outback Sunroof

modern sunroof pergola

A modern sunroof pergola which acts like blinds to keep the sun’s heat away when it is too hot.

Cape Cod Pergola

wooden pergola

A wooden pergola in curved shape whose beauty can surely take you aback.

Curved Outback

Curved pergola

Modern Solutions

Curved pergola in a patio of a house looking so neat and modern!

New England Bellagio

pergola seating area

Simply Arbors

The details of this vinyl pergola sure made it look sophisticated and befitting for either a simple or elaborate design.

New England Freemont Vinyl Pergola

straight lines

Simply Arbors

Unlike the previous design, this one made used of straight lines instead of curves but both are made from vinyl. The advantage of using vinyl is that it won’t warp, stain, crack, or rot.

Modern Pergola

modern sleek

Install a Veranda

A small area was covered using pergola style making it look modern and sleek.

Pergola Beauty


This wooden pergola gave the area a traditional look especially with the use of shutters.

Big Kahuna

wooden fence


A simple wooden pergola which retained its wooden texture. It matched really well with the wooden fence, achieving a country look.

Aluminum Pergolas

Powder coated aluminum


Powder coated aluminum profiles with stainless steel fittings and laminated glazing- this was used for this modern pergola.

Tuscany II Deluxe Reinforced Fiberglass Pergola

beam style


A classic column and beam style pergola with reinforced resin and fiberglass construction. It also has realistic wood and stone finishes with weatherproof trellis over fiberglass columns.

Curved Pergola

pergola seating area Covered area using pergola style making the outdoor scene look cozy and neat.

So, if you are tired of looking at your bare garden, you can get a pergola for that. Or maybe you can connect one to your house as a patio or terrace. It would surely look good that way. You can even request for a customized design to fit your taste and design preference. Isn’t it amazing how you can actually do a lot of things to your garden? If you were pleased to see these pergolas, you will also be equally happy to see a Collection of Outdoor Kitchen Designs which you can also integrate in your home’s pergola.