15 Ideas Showcasing Landscaping for Rocks

Trees, plants, water features and a lot more are used to beautify the garden or the yard of a home. It is like creating an outdoor spot to relax in or just to make the outside scenario pleasing. After all, it is still part of the house.

Aside from those mentioned, one famous item used for landscaping is rocks and stones or even large boulders.

Some may think that rocks are just nuisance to the view because of their hard appearance but once they are used in the right manner, they can actually be helpful. They can prevent soil erosion and are perfect for retaining walls. They also help minimize the flow of water especially if you are on a steep area or if you have some flowing water feature in the garden.

Besides the functions it can do, rocks can actually look beautiful because they are part of nature and where nature is, they are also there. It wouldn’t be complete without rocks at all!

Now, be ready to rock your world with these 15 ideas of landscaping for rocks.

Exterior – Spanish Style

rock landscapes design

McCaleb Construction Inc.

Adding rocks on the side of these steps are one lovely ideas especially with the lighting place in the middle of it.

Peterson Property

ground cover

Paradise Restored Landscaping & Exterior Design

Combining smaller stones and large rocks near an area with ground cover and bushes will add some texture to it.

Gravel Courtyard

lab stone steps

Paradise Restored Landscaping & Exterior Design

A gravel courtyard with lab stone steps and a boulder setting. You can see the hardness in this courtyard but it does look good giving a subtle desert look.

Timber Cove

rock garden

Shapiro Didway

A rock garden would be nice like what you can see here. You’d certainly pull off a mixture of textures from this landscape.

Magnolia Residence

iron steel bar screens

Banyon Tree Design Studio

Placing rocks inside this iron steel bar screens is one idea to add some sturdy walling to this courtyard yet retaining a natural look.

Backyard Hill Landscape Design Ideas, Carlsbad, CA

waterfalls rocks


Gorgeous pool area decorated with rocks for the waterfalls.

Wood and Stone Steps

Steep slopes

Ross NW Watergardens

Steep slopes were added with wood while on the sides are boulders and gravels. Isn’t it lovely?

Hill Country Arts and Crafts

rock landscapes design

New Urban Home Builders

You can see stones not just in the exterior of the house but also in its landscaping. Rocks surround this beautiful pool that is being lighted with lovely colors.

Outdoor Living with Water Gardens

stacked rocks

Aquascape Inc.

The stacked rocks around the pond add visual interest white the aura is kept clam and serene in this water garden.

Western Ranch

dark gray

Alan Mascord Design Associates Inc

The dark gray rocks at the bottom of the house aren’t just there to add beauty to it but also to secure the soil from eroding.

Pat Brodie

pretty jar

Pat Brodie Landscape Design

An area of a garden is filled with rocks and this pretty jar to add some statement.

Portland Landscaping Outdoor Living

flowing water

Paradise Restored Landscaping & Exterior Design

Listen to the sound of flowing water from this waterfall with rocks around it. A natural water feature would surely be perfect for your home!

Exterior of a Lodge Style Home in Bend

rocks waterscape

Suzanne Marie’s Interiors, Suzanne Denning

Huge rocks can also be good as low fencing or merely for defining the outdoor space in your house.

Seven Springs

natural  landscape

Markay Johnson Construction

We bet you have seen this house many time because of its beautiful landscaping framed with natural beauty as it is surrounded by rocks and trees.

Desert Highlands

rock landscapes design

Desert Foothills Gardens

Add a Mediterranean looks for a desert themed landscaping just like this one with added rocks and plants for color.

There is indeed more than one way to landscape with rocks. It varies on your space and on your needs. It also depends on the kind of rock you have. You can always consult landscaping experts on the right type and size of rocks that will be appropriate for your garden. Now, since you are done seeing the rocks in a landscape, take time to take a look at how you can landscape with trees. You can get ideas for your garden from that list too.