20 Water Feature Designs for Soft Touch in your Garden

Water feature is one or more items from a range of fountains, pools, ponds, cascades, waterfalls, and streams that is part of landscaping and garden design. Water features for landscaping could create a different environment for the home’s yard. It can add a soft touch to the hard textures around it like rocks, ceramics, marble and others. With the variety of water features that one can choose from, it would be a bit confusing as to which one will best fit in your home.

In choosing, you can consider your garden’s theme, availability of space, and you can also look a the prices each eater feature entails.

There are cheap water features wherein some can even be created by the homeowners. Some are also expensive which can be constructed by experts on the field of landscaping. But whatever it is, water features are sure great additions to one’s home.

So today, we will give you a list of some water features that may inspire you to put one in your own yard. Here they are:

City Rooftop

garden water features

A garden on a rooftop with an extensive view of the city. One of the highlights of this rooftop landscape is the water feature beside the pool.

Island Modern

modern landscaping

Raymond Jungles

A modern landscaping with this water feature using rectangles and straight lines.


bowl of water

A bowl of water filled with stones sitting on green grass like a nest.

Portland Landscaping Outdoor Living

stone waterfalls

If you want a waterfalls in your home’s yard, this one would fit in giving you the feeling of serenity.


modern water feature

Clean looking with this modern water feature matched with elegant lighting.

Water Feature

Water falls

John Kennedy

Water falls straight from the patio giving it a dramatic ending decorated with stones and plants.

Landscape Design

decorative faucet design

AMS Landscaping Design

Tiled area where water comes from these urn-like features with decorative faucet design.


green moss

This water feature is simple but the green moss added beauty to its appearance.

Sophie Headboard

water flow

Chuck B. Edwards

Surprisingly, water can flow from a small crack of this feature which makes it look simple.

City Rooftop 2

pond plants

It would indeed be very relaxing to have a water feature like this one, mimicking the look of a pond.

Concrete Outdoor

garden water features

Concrete Works

Colored stones of yellow and white combination can make this water feature a highlight of your yard.


modern design

Secret Gardens

Look at how lovely this water feature is with its modern design. Observe how water flows from the vertical design towards the bowl like concrete.

Suburban Chic

outdoor area


With a suburban chic motif, this outdoor area looked even more attractive with the addition of water features on its foot.

Garden Architecture

landscape design

Still and quite. This is how this water feature looks like but it sure will make the landscape livelier.

Garden Pond Rydal

frog sculpture

Garrett Churchill

A garden pond with a frog sculpture making it look simple yet so near to the real pond.

East Meets West

courtyard water

Visitors are welcomed with the calming sound of trickling water through this one situated in a home’s courtyard.

Gladwyne Residence

circular pond structure

Jason Elwell

This residence certainly had a great accent with this pond structure in circles.



Another waterfalls in a home’s garden creating a soothing feel to entire surroundings.

Garden Elements

modern garden element

Garden Architecture

A modern garden element with water flowing in this structure of blue ceramic tiles and stones.

YGP Show 2012

garden water features

Paradise Restored

Huge urns and jars are also good ways to let water out into your home’s water feature.

Water features can surely add beauty to landscaping. It can also be added to your home’s pool if you want. Having water elements around the house can indeed create a different feeling. It gives a more relaxing ambiance with soothing sound of running water if your water feature make use of running water. You can also try to look at our Landscaping Tips for Your Ideal Garden which can help you to design your own yard.