15 Whimsical Wooden Garden Bridges

Look at your garden, do you think that something is lacking?

You might want to place a structure like a gazebo or a pergola but your space is not enough to accommodate it. So, if you are thinking of ways to ad beauty to your garden, you can try getting a garden bridge. But of course, you have to work on the plants and flowers that will go with it.

Garden bridges come in different designs and are made from various materials. For today’s post, we will give you wooden garden bridges. You will be able to see how each design can depict a modern or traditional impression to the gardens that would match the kind of architecture and interior design you have.

So, scroll down and look into 15 wooden garden bridges that could add a whimsical touch to your garden and could fill in the lacking beauty in it.

Garden Kikuchi

wooden garden bridges

Kikuchi and Associates

Imagine this space minus the bridge. It looks dull isn’t it? But with this simple curved wooden bridge, the entire garden looked beautiful.

Point Loma

single rail bridge

Ecominded Solutions

A paradise that any homeowner would like to have. The trees and bushes around it create a very nice scenario plus this single rail bridge.

Children’s Cottage


Hoebeke Builders

The cottage itself is whimsical but the addition of this bridge and pond made the garden look like a storybook scenario.

Garden Bridges 1840

double rails bridge

Cedar Store

Double rails bridge that is beautifully and sturdily designed. Look at how perfect its finish is.

Exedra Design

modern home

Exedra Architects

A modern home deserves a modern wooden bridge like this.

Rope Bridge

ancient bridge designs

Cedar Store

An exquisite wooden bridge with ropes which could make you look back to the ancient bridge designs.

Fresno California Bridge

flowers landscape

Red Wood Garden Bridges

It’s not just the bridge that made this beautiful but the landscape of flowers and the pond under it made the difference.

Koi Pond

wooden garden bridges

Red Wood Garden Bridges

A koi pond is already awesome on its own but with the addition of this bridge, the garden looked a lot gorgeous and also made it possible to access the other side of the pond.


recessed lighting


Another modern bridge with recessed lighting under it. This will certainly create a dashing night garden scene.

Japanese Garden Foot Bridge

treated pine

Cedar Store

A Japanese inspired foot bridge made from treated pine. This 2′ wide bridge is simple yet it gave the garden a totally appealing look.

Stanford Garden

small bridge

Richard Kramer

Well, it’s just that. A low wooden garden bridge but look at how huge its impact is in the entire garden.

Double Rail Pedestrian Bridges

Traditional design

Cedar Store

Traditional bridge design with double rails to make passage possible for those who visit this garden.

Bridge 103


Red Wood Garden Bridges

Just pretty with its round top for the balusters and the detailing is also good.

Landscape Verdance

simple design

Verdance Fine Garden Design

A simple garden bridge which you can make by yourself and add it to your very own yard.

Straight Spindle Rail Pedestrian Bridges

wooden garden bridges

Cedar Store

A white bridge made from pine wood in its traditional look.

It is indeed amazing that these bridges can create a huge difference to one’s garden when we speak of aesthetics. These may not be that large but you can see that it can help you enhance your garden’s look as well as providing a pathway to reach to another end especially if there is a body of water. So, that’s all for today, look forward for more landscape design inspiration here in Home Design Lover.