15 Sitting Hammocks for Comfy Outdoor Seating

You have just seen some hanging chairs from our previous post under this category. But for sure you still wanted to see more of what you can use for outdoor comfort. So, today, we will be giving you a glimpse of some lovely hammock chairs that will give you a better swing than other hanging chairs. Hammock chairs are swinging chairs made from canvas, netting and sometimes cushion that are slung by cords from the supports.

This characteristic of hammocks, allows the users to swing and have a good time relaxing especially with the great aura from outdoors. Hammocks vary not just in materials but also in design and style. So, let us now take a look at what we have collated for you. Check out 15 sitting hammocks for comfy outdoor seating:

Hammock Chair Basic Orquidea

Sitting Hammocks


The combination of pink and shades of violet gave this hammock a girly look. But despite being girly, this sure is sturdy!

Con2our Hammock Chair

feet rest

My Hammock

Rest on this hammock chair comfortably while hanging your feet on the feet rest.

Hanging Chair Alabama

hammock chair


Red is a color that can fit so many different environment. For this hammock chair, you will also get a good fit when you sit on it.

Pawleys Island Single Cushioned Swing (Beaches Stripe)

Outdoor Seating design

Pawleys Island

Tropical colors are used for this hammock chair prettily arranged in vertical stripes.

Single Cushioned Swing with Oak Arms – Rio Birch Stripe

cushioned chair

Hatteras Hammocks

A cushioned chair which makes relaxing a lot more comfy! The colors used in this chair is warm and would look good in whatever colors that surrounds it.


rainbow colors

Yellow Leaf Hammocks

A rainbow of colors is a perfect choice for a hammock especially if you want to achieve a lively look.

Hammock Chair Large Regalo

striped hammock


A striped hammock with braided strings making it look stunning despite its simplicity.

Brasil Grenadine

Sitting Hammocks


You might love the combination of colors from this hammock. It looks dynamic and attractive.


Greens blues

Yellow Leaf Hammocks

Greens and blues are used for this one which can be fitting for both males and females.

Relax Kolibri

bright yellow


The touch of bright yellow make this hammock look even more relaxing.

Red & White Hammock Chair

comfy material

Veronica Colindres

If red and white is your favorite color, then this can be your favorite hammock. Not only its colors could make you love it but the soft and comfy material it used.

Hammock Chair

Outdoor Seating design

Beach Comber Hammocks

This one is more neutral in color and would look right in whatever scenario.

Adjustable Hanging Hammock Chair with Foot Rest

foot rest

Hammock Universe

A foot rest would be one of the features of this hammock that will make you love it. But aside from that, its hugging material will also seemingly like cuddle you to sleep.

Brazilian Sofa Chair with Timber Arm Rests

Outdoor relaxation


Outdoor relaxation can be much better with a chair hammock like this one.

Tropicana Hammock Chair

Sitting Hammocks


The burst of colors in this hammock is just pretty. No wonder this could be one of your favorites from this collection.

Lovely aren’t they? These could be one of the most sought after items when we speak of outdoor comfort. Although, you can still opt for other hanging chairs or maybe a rattan daybed. But having a hammock adds a softer touch to your outdoors’s look and could also be a great addition to your outdoor seating area.