20 Whimsical Girls Full Canopy Beds Fit for a Princess

Without a bed, a bedroom will not be a bedroom. Of course that is true because without the resting place and sleeping place, it will never be a bedroom after all. When we talk about beds, it comes in different designs, styles, types and colors. One thing that pleases most girls are canopy beds because it can make us feel like princesses. I know you have a stage in your life when you wanted to have this type of bed.

A canopy bed can either have merely posters while some have curtains or mosquito nets that can complete the princess feel. No wonder why a canopy bed is an all time favorite of little girls for their bedroom. So today, we are giving you a roundup of these beds which will surely be pleasing for your little girls.

girls canopy beds

1. Standard Furniture

girls Canopy Beds

Standard Furniture

A Victorian style bed that overlays grace in every piece. U love its canopy in white fabric.

2. Cinderella

Cinderella Poster Bed in Antique White

Home Elegance

Aside from the canopy, this one has a storage at the bottom.

3. Emily

Casual Elegance


You’d surely give a romantic Victorian charm with this bed that features spiraling scrollwork.

4. Princess Canopy Beds

Princess Canopy Beds

Standard Furniture

This bed belongs to Princess with a crown at the top and swirls on the header and footer.

5. Melange Quatrefoil Poster Beds

Hooker Furniture Melange Quatrefoil Poster Beds

Hooker Furniture

This bed is perfect for a modern princess with its decorative headboard.

6. Hillsdale Emily

girls Canopy Beds


Any little girl who will get this bed will be extremely happy!

7. Emily Bed Set

Bed Set girls

Hillsdale Furniture

A sweet canopy bed with a curvy top and scroll designs.

8. Princess Emily Carriage Beds

Twin Size Beds


Worry not, this canopy bed will not roll away from your child’s bedroom even if it has a carriage design.

9. Courtney


Luxury Lamb

Such a charming bed with tiny floral prints in it and pink fabrics.

10. Princess Bed

girls Beds


Who wouldn’t want to sleep in a bed like this? It isn’t just princess-like but it is also romantic.

11. DHP Princess Carriage Twin Metal Bed

Carriage Twin Metal Beds

DHP Kids’ Beds

Bring your princess to dreamland with this charming carriage bed in white whimsical frame with wheels and scrolled lines.

12. Princess Rebecca

girls Twin Beds

Powell Furniture

Another lovely canopy bed with a crown at top that signifies it is fit for a princess.

13. Princess Mosquito Net

Pink Queen Beds


This one has a sophisticated design from the headboard to the curtains!

14. Sophie High Poster Canopy Beds

Sophie High Poster

Rosenberry Rooms

I like the simple sophistication of this bed as well as how this bedroom is decorated.

15. Annabelle Poster Bed with Curtains

girls canopy beds

Rosenberry Rooms

Don’t you just love the curtains of this canopy bed?

16. Acme Sweetheart Full Storage Poster Bed in Country French Styling in White

girls canopy beds

1 Stop Bedrooms

With heart designs and a storage below, this could be a canopy bed for your little one.

17. Princess Bed

Wrought Iron Princess Beds

Powell Furniture

Soft white drapes are used for this metal canopy bed with a lovely design.

18. Princess Canopy Beds

Princess Canopy Beds

Sweet Retreat Kids

What a sweet canopy bed with big pink bows and a scallop curtain!

19. Victoria Youth Full Poster Bed in White 05-621-411

Classic Victoria Poster Beds

New Classic

Instead of adding fabric around the bed, you can also place them just on the headboard side.

20. Forest Dreams Canopy Beds

Forest Dreams

Corsican Iron Furniture

Bring enchantment to your child’s bedroom with this custom-made iron canopy bed that resemble tree branches and leaves.

I know what you are thinking! Yes, a canopy bed can indeed make little girls feel like a princess because of how they look especially if it has fabrics. I especially like the carriage beds. They are indeed stunning and would make our kids feel like they are Cinderella. How about you, which one is your favorite? But in choosing a bed, see to it that you will not just consider its design but also the size of your bedroom as well as the needs of the user.