Sit Longer Free of Strain on a U-stool

Like most of us, we would feel uncomfortable to sit for a long time on a stool because it would give us back and hip pains. That is why we prefer a chair with a backrest than a stool especially when we read books and relax. But we will feature a different kind of stool today because it has a design that will change the way we use a stool.

The U-stool, from the name itself takes the form of the letter U. It is designed to encourage active sitting with a gentle rocking motion. That rocking motion allows the abdominal muscles and feet to work together. With a stool that is U shaped, the user could sit longer comfortable. I’m not sure if this is better from the usual stool we have in our homes. But it does look promising especially with the storage area under it.

Richard Clarkson, Zena Verda Pesta and Clay Kippen. When I first saw this stool, I actually thought it isn’t sturdy and firm enough to sit but I was wrong.

stool design It allows comfortable sitting because the user is constantly shifting.

U Stool With constant shifting, one reduces the mechanical load on the back, hips and other parts of the body, thus this will not make you feel tired of sitting.

Stool furniture It uses significantly less energy in the manufacturing process.

land-art It is compostable which means it could turn into a land-art when it can no longer be used.

decoration Stool When not used as a stool, it can also be a piece of decoration.

U Stool It can also contain your favorite books too which you can just snatch when you want to read them while sitting on the chair.

Looks good, right? The form may be distinct but it does look beautiful. Richard Clarkson –, Zena Verda Pesta and Clay Kippen worked together to come up with this unique stool design. This isn’t just a piece of accent furniture but this could also be a good decoration as well as storage for books and other items in your home. What can you say about this stool?