20 Cool Rocking Chairs in the Living Room

Rocking chairs in the living room would be very comfortable.

Personally, I think that the rocking chair is one furniture that is most helpful and relaxing aside from a bed. In today’s list, we would be having something beautiful for you guys!

Below is a list of 20 Cool Rocking Chairs in the Living Room which I totally love. The designs below are wonderful and most of them have a really new design – well, at least something that we do not really see every day. Each of the living rooms in here that has the rocking chairs totally rocked it! So, without further ado, I think you should check out this list!

rocking chairs

1. Culford Road

Culford Road

Martyn Clarke Architecture

The first on the list is a cute rocking chair with a metal frame and a cushion. I like how the cushion actually matches the material and fabric of the sectional sitting across it. The contrast on the color of walls and the furniture is something that I actually like – simple but catchy!

2. Hicks Street Residence

Hicks Str

Ed Kopel, Architect, P.C.

Expect to see a couple of living rooms in this list with this specific rocking chair. The reason that I chose to actually add these living rooms with this rocking chair because of how beautiful the living rooms they are actually in. How do you like the books and the shelves on the sides of the television?

3. Early Eichler Expansion

Early Eichler

Klopf Architecture

I think this living room just looks wonderful – the idea of it opening to the pool outside. In a way, this living room is a great example of a ‘green’ home; it allows light and ventilation to come inside the house the natural way. I totally love this! Especially the rocking chair in here.

4. Hollywood Glamour

Hollywood Glamours

BNO Design

Here is that mid-century white rocking chair that I was telling you about. It looks totally great in this white living room and the glam that this space is just overwhelming. The white curtains add the most dramatic effect to this space which I know people would love.

5. Apartment in Tel-Aviv

Ruth Kedar

Ruth Kedar Architect

The rocking chair in this living room looks like an old design or model for this furniture but then again, we see how neat it actually looks. It contrasts with the sectional that this space has but then at the same time it complement with the wooden shelves and TV rack beside it.

6. Borland Street

Borland Street

Stern McCafferty

I know that this is one large home with a living area that sure has the most basic furniture in it but still it looks interesting. For sure, this is one example of how a ‘minimalist’ space would look like and I can’t say I love it, but sometimes, depending on your home arrangement, this style could actually work for you.

7. Gervasoni Brick Up

Gervasoni Brick


This loft is basically staged for individual pieces of furniture and decorations in here – but the way this space is actually stage makes me want to add this photo in a mood board I can use for future projects – home improvement or otherwise.

8. Mid-Century Modern

Helgerson Inter

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

The rocking chair in here is a bit lounge-y and I think that it’s actually really beautiful. The whites in here is just calming along with the freshness that the plants is offering us through their existence in this photo is beyond me – but I think having a lounge rocking chair is just a cool way of doing things.

9. Nuvola 09

Nuvola 09

Paola Navone

Oh, I love this cute and white rocking chair! They color of the fabric used on the cushions and pillow on the chair looks absolutely neat and interesting – again, this is another space staged to sell a specific product, but I think this space could pass for a small studio someone out there actually lives in.

10. Oregon Coast Home

Oregon Coast

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

This is one beautiful living room with a great view on the outside. Usually, when I see a home close to the beach – it is in white and blue – and this one is not like that and I absolutely love it! The combination of the wood and the prints match well with the large and comfy chairs that this space have.

11. Southampton Residence

Hampton Residence

Julia Roth Design

Now, won’t you look at that! A seating area with not one, not two – but four wooden rocking chairs! The designs are contemporary and I think people would live for these! They are simple and yet they look totally stunning against all the white in this living room.

12. Montrose Crescent

Montrose Crescents

Conquest Built

I really wanted to show you this living room because of the way they paired these chairs with each other. Take note that everything in here actually is different from one another and yet it still looks organized and they just somehow – blend. Do you think so too?

13. Downtown Glamour

Downtown Glamour

Catherine Kwong Design

The fancy black buffet table seen in here is just real neat – it has nothing to do with anything in this photo and yet you can see how they match each other – the buffet and the rocking chair, the lamp and the painting and basically everything in here just looks great!

14. Kooyong Residence

Kooyong Residence

Matt Gibson Architecture + Design

I got crazy about the color and print of the area carpet in here! Okay, so the design actually looks common and even simple – but look at how it actually mashed every furniture and decor together in here. The design of the rocking chair is real sweet, and it’s in black, so it will definitely go well with anything!

15. Private Villa Casa

Diego Bortolato

Diego Bortolato Architetto

Thinking about a house that has glass walls all over the place is kind of scary and beautiful at the same time. Look at how wonderful the outside actually looks like and imagine what people would think about your interiors too. Well, that something to think about for all of us!

16. Blakehurst House

Blakehurst House

Schemes & Spaces

I love how this house actually has a semi-circular home for the ceiling. I immediately imagined how the interior of an igloo could look like because of this home; but all in all, I think that this living room sure has a nice look and feel to it; plus I think this place looks modern enough for most people’s taste.

17. Mill Valley Hillside

Elena Calabrese

Elena Calabrese

Here is one rocking chair and foot rest combo that we do not often see. As much as rocking chairs are already comfortable, adding a foot rest could mean more relaxing moments and chill times for the user. Plus, this living area looks nice enough to really relax and even sleep or something.

18. Ocean Residence

Ocean Residence

FMD Architects

The design of the wooden rocking chair in this living room actually looks traditional but then has this fun material and finish to it that makes it look really beautiful and cool at the same time. I like how the back rest looks like a pill shape (the oblong ones) and how this actually looks best beside the wooden fireplace.

19. Sonoma County Sidebreeze

County Sidebreeze

Blu Homes

Why have one rocking chair when you actually have two; or four like the other living room that we have on this list. We see a little portion of this living room yet I think that this actually looks comfy and neat!

20. Bovina House

Bovina Hose

Kimberly Peck Architect

I have featured this home a couple of times here in Home Design Lover and I can never totally get over it because of the way they chose the furniture and decors in here. From the colors to the materials of everything in here – I think anyone would love to live here.

If you keep looking for more rocking chairs inclusion in homes – you should check out the rocking chairs in the bedroom and maybe wait for some more in the future. I think lists like this one could be great mood inspirations for you people out there who actually do interior work for a living or well, a Mum who really loves to decorate and reinvent their homes. Thank you guys for reading and make sure to come back for more especially when you need more inspiration!