20 Different Black Buffet Tables

Black buffet tables look great in the dining areas. Come take a look!

We all know that there are some furniture at home that we do not really need, but because by practice we have them, or people we know have them – we get them for our own homes too. A perfect example is a buffet table – at first, we did not even know that the table or cabinet at the corner of the dining room had any name for that matter, and then we discover that it’s actually called a buffet table. New information, everyone!

So, for today, we are sharing another list with you that would actually shed some light when it comes to picking the perfect side table or cabinet that would actually serve as your buffet table. From the name itself, we get an idea what its actual purpose is – to place the other food or drinks that we want near but not necessarily on our dining table while we are eating our five-course meal. With that, let us go ahead and take a look at the 20 Different Black Buffet Tables below.

1. La Finca V

La Finca

Adolfo Gosálvez Photography

First on this list is a stunning and interesting dining room with the most industrial buffet table in this list! The material looks like it’s used for something else in its life before being a buffet table. The picture of the elephant above it looks perfect especially that it’s monochromatic; note that the mid-century chairs looks real nice against the wooden table too.

2. North Oaks Contemporary

Oaks Con1

Bruce Kading Interior Design

I love the benches that were used as dining chairs which allows at least two adults or three kids sit beside each other while having meals. If you liked the chairs and the square dining table, I think you should have noticed that the buffet is just across it sitting pretty.

3. Ocean Depths

Ocean Depths

Perth Style Co.

If you want something that looks like it actually came from a home depot brochure or straight from the mall – this is something you should get. I mean, it’s not a bad thing really because there are nice designs and materials but it somehow looks too perfect? I can’t really explain it; but it’s pretty, nonetheless.

4. Orange County Dining Room

Nate Fish

Nate Fischer Interiors

If I am not mistaken, there are a couple of buffet tables in this list that has a hint of Asian in it; just like this one. The design of the buffet table in this dining room is something reminiscent of how pharmacies keep their medicines – small drawers and that’s what we have here.

5. Tampa Contemporary

Robin Wade

Robin Wade Furniture

The comfortable dining room chairs (which sure is plenty) is as pretty as the long buffet table seen on the side. I wonder if the people living in this house is a lot because there seems to be a lot of things in here that are multiplied a couple of times – the chairs, the buffet table cabinets and the frames on the wall – coincindence?

6. Sandra

Hoo Interior

Hoo Interior Design and Styling

I know a Sandra who would really appreciate how pretty this space is; and it’s named after her namesake! It’s even pretty cool that you find a pair of shoes named after you, how about an entire house! What about that? From the classic design of the buffet table to the vintage dining room chairs, this is one awesome dining space to actually eat in!

7. Springfield House

Springfield House

D’Cruz Design Group

This might be one of the prettiest buffet tables I have ever seen. It’s simple, sleek and really sophisticated. The design is something you might see every day but because it’s matte and has clean lines, it’s even prettier than the cool dining table or the pendant lights!

8. Bluffview Estates

Bluffview Estates

S. A. Baxter, Inc.

The rustic look of the chairs in this dining room set is incredible! It looks fantastic and very unique. These chairs could go well with rustic spaces, mid-century and even contemporary or modern spaces because of how flexible it actually looks! The recessed ceiling gave way for the simple yet beautiful chandelier that somehow matches with the color of the buffet table.

9. Chef’s Delight

Chef Delight

Joel Kelly Design

It seems like it’s not just the chef that was delighted with this beautiful dining room! The window look nice – it allows light to radiate towards the stunning dining room set, buffet table, the carpet and the perfect chandelier above the dining table.

10. La Finca IV

Vivienda en

Adolfo Gosálvez Photography

Another photo where the buffet table is kind of far; believe me, I have tried to look for better photos, but whether we like it or not, when we talk about dinind room, it’s usually the dining set that’s the center of attention and people just either disregard or totally unnotice a decent looking buffet table.

11. Cleeves House

Cleeves House

Alexander James Interiors

The glossy finish of the black buffet table of this Cleeves house looks amazing! I think that everything that shines is just perfect expect for too much lip gloss. Anyway, did you notice that this space has a wonderful piece of lighting fixture on the ceiling?

12. Hawthorn Cottage

Hawthorn Cottage

Bryant Alsop Architects

The black walls of this Hawthorn cottage is in matte which makes it look really beautiful and sweet. It doesn’t overpower the space because of the contrast it has with the color of the dining room set and the stunning wood planks for the flooring. As much as the buffet table looks incredible, I think it’s drowned with all the black surrounding it.

13. House in Ramat Hasharon

Ramat Hasharon

Ethan Carmel Architects

A black buffet table, seat covers for the dining room chairs, a glass table which happens to be black too is graced with a beautiful black chandelier above it – this is definitely one awesome space that they thought of pairing with their white halls. The view of the outside is an additional touch to the beauty of this space.

14. Newbury Street Penthouse

Newbury St

B&D Building & Remodeling

This penthouse has one stunning dining space and like most of the dining space in today’s home design – it’s minimalistic. The only thing that you can usually see in it are the dining table and chairs, a buffet table and sometimes a side table or chair for extra space or seating. This dining space is somehow like that, only it has a few more decors.

15. Macungie Contemporary Home

Macungie Contemporary

Shoshana Gosselin | Love Your Room

This is a dining room that’s pretty much direct to the point, if you know what I mean. It’s a small space that has the dining table and some chairs, a buffet table and some beautiful lighting fixtures. Period. That’s what I meant when I said that this space is direct to the point.

16. Courthouse Conversion

Courthouse Conversion

Sigmar | London

This long dining table sure did a great job in covering the buffet table on the background. The eclectic approach on the design of this courthouse conversion sure made it more interesting and fun! Look at how many cool things you can find in this dining space!

17. Harper House

Harper House1

Light in Art

We see the buffet table a bit farther than I could actually hope for; but from this angle we see a simple yet contemporary approach to buffet table designs. The dining room set in this space is quite special and modern too – its color contrasts with the color of the buffet table but it still complements it.

18. Shreveport Home

Shreveport Home

Domiteaux + Baggett Architects, PLLC

This is one large example of furniture that serves multiple purposes – a divider for house; it separates two spaces in the house, it also is one large console and at the same time a low buffet table where we can place food and drink and even some candies we can display in a regular day.

19. Skyhouse

Architects Engine

CTA Architects Engineers

What do you think about the unique design of the buffet table in this Skyhouse? It brags a three-layer cabinet/drawer detail with small cuts on the sides which makes it look like a letter I only, shorter. The color combination is something contemporary that showcases sophistication and class.

20. Noho Loft

Noho Lofters

Thom Filicia Inc.

Can you see that the details on the buffet table are actually something Asian or Oriental? Aside from the fact that the decoration on the buffet table reflect that of something Oriental, the detail of the knobs are just so Asian; something that we actually see in most Asian furniture.

And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen, a list of 20 Different Black Buffet Tables that are not only pretty on their own right but very much functional! As much as we love adding furniture or decoration in the house, it would be best if they’re not only beautiful but also functional. If you want more buffet styles in other dining spaces, check out the 23 Contemporary Dining Rooms with White Buffet Tables and share them with your pals!