20 Brilliant Before and After Wooden Chair Makeovers

I always envy how people could purchase old furniture in a very cheap price. I wish there is a place like this in our area. I would really love to do some furniture makeover just like what these creative people did to some wooden chairs they got. The chairs are either an old family possession or something they bought from a thrift store or an online sale. See? Who would not envy them?

Knowing that these are old chairs will give us the clue that they are tattered and are no longer presentable or comfortable to sit on. Obviously, they deserve a makeover and you will be able to give that comments too once you see the before photos of the chairs. Seeing the after photos will make you envious even more just like how I felt while collating this list for you!

1.The Office Chair

Chair Makeovers

Capturing Roots

Look what happens when you change the color and upholstery of a chair. It has a really great impact!

2. Spray Paint and Reupholster Your Dining Room Chairs

Wooden Chairs

Sarah Greenman

I love the typographic fabric used for this chair and of course, the red paint is stunning too!

3. Black Medallion Chair

Black Chairs

Lake Girl Paints

Who would expect that a boring wooden chair can actually look this beautiful in black and white.

4. Before and After Chair

Chair renovations

House of Moseley

This chair looks really old by the way the foam looks like but the makeover was nice that you will never think it looked like this before!

5. Upholstery Tips and Tricks

Upholstery Tips

Live Love DIY

A dull chair was updated with a green and white Waverly fabric and looked very lovely!

6. Wooly Makeover Chair

Makeover Chair

The Art of Doing Stuff

If you have an old chair which is still in good condition, try to put wool or a think fabric to cover it and get an easy and instant makeover.

7. Will Chair

DIY Chair

Will Means

Merely painting the chair will change its look but adding the stripes as well as the rose stencil is a good idea. I like how wooden texture peeped from the rose!

8. 19th-Century Eastlake Armchair Makeover

Armchair Makeover

Wild Chairy

This 19th-century Eastlake armchair was bought from an auction and was covered with Trina Turk fabric in black, white and yellow palette. I really love how it turned out!

9. Almond Joy Chair

furniture makeover

Chestnut Orange

I like the yellow and gray colors of the new fabric as well as the brass embellishments on the back of the seat.

10. The Chair Project

Chair Projects

Navy Bean Online

Originally the chair was orange cherry wood and mauve velvet but I like the new look even more.

11. Alyssa’s Silver Baroque Chair Makeover

Chair Makeover


If I see this chair in the corner, I’d definitely do what Alyssa did. I’d get it and do a makeover too. Look at how pretty it is now!

12. Vintage Vanity Chair

Vintage Vanity Chair

The Salvaged Boutique

I so love the back of this chair! It looks like a shell or something. It is just so stylish and it looked even better with the new upholstery and paint.

13. Chair Makeover with Premier Prints

Chair Makeover

Hearts and Sharts

Damask is love like what is used for this pair of beautiful chairs. But what really caught my eye is the throw pillow!

14. 1973 Chair Makeover

Chair renovations

Christopher and Anne

Two chairs look really old timey. The seats were even wrapped in plastic. But the update took it to a new level.

15. Ombre Accent Chair

Accent Chair design

The Divine Minimalist

If you don’t want to do upholstery, then just paint. And if you paint, be creative like this one!

16. My Louis XV Armchair


So Haute

The blogger who did this makeover bought a Louis XV style armchair on eBay and then painted it using metallic paint in Warm Silver which actually looks more like a light rose gold-ish color. Soft pink metallic linen was used for the fabric.

17. DIY: Reupholstered Side Chair

Reupholstered Chair

Sas Interiors

You can see that there is a huge difference to the original chair and the new one. Like the color!

18. Curbside Wooden Armchair

Wooden Armchair

Our Nerd Home

The chair appears like it belongs to the garbage but a simple update, it looked better now!

19. Cabbage and Roses Fabric


Jennifer Rizzo

From leopard print to striped linen- the owner was so happy about what the outcome of her project and I can see why.

20. Before and After: Chair Makeover

Chairs Makeover

Style At Home

Now the result of the makeover totally turned the chair into a charmer!

You would need to do some painting and even re-upholstery in order to get beautiful chairs like the ones above. But you can learn doing that for sure. You might even enjoy it that you will do more furniture makeovers! Or you can make your own furniture too just like what we showed you in our list of DIY ottomans which will also motivate you to make your own accent furniture!