Flexible and Intriguing Design of the Accordion Cabinet

When you hear the word cabinet, what will come to your mind is a box shaped item that have doors or drawers used to store items. Yes, it usually comes with that shape and what differs are its design and colors. It may vary in sizes too but the concept is still the same. But then, there are designers who came up with extremely unique cabinets like some that we have featured before here on Home Design Lover. And today, we will show you something that doesn’t fit to the description.

The Accordion Cabinet is not box shaped at all. But it does have storage spaces inside it. It is crafted from wood veneer and flexible wood textile. The cabinet is beautiful because of its complexity where the accordion doesn’t just hide your treasures but is also an ever-changing sculptural form. As you open and close it, the look of the cabinet changes which is a wonderful thing and when it stand still, it is a lovely piece of decor that no one will ever expect is actually a cabinet.

You see, the cabinet sits with humility oblivious of the pride its design exudes.

Accordion Cabinet When opened on one side, it looks like this revealing some cubby to store your stuff.

Cabinet furniture And when closed, it is a piece of art again. Just unique, complex and totally sculptural in appeal.

Flexible Cabinet Inside it is this space enough to store whatever items you have in mind. I guess books would even be kept well here.

unique furniture Notice how the piece can stand out in a space. I think no matter how crowded an area is, you will definitely do a second look to this item and wonder what it really is.

Berlin designs When closed, it gives some mystery that some people may not decipher in an instant. Just like a treasure box full of wonders!

Accordion Cabinet Opening and closing the cabinet will make you feel both intrigued and interested over and over again.

The multi-dimensional look of the cabinet is being contrasted with tall slender legs which is a perfect idea for the design not making it appear too bulky. It is designed by Elisa Strozyk of Berlin and Sebastian Neeb who are both well known for their unique designs. And when both collaborated, they came up with a stunning piece of furniture which may change the way we look at cabinets because this one is a cabinet but doesn’t look like a cabinet at all.